Wednesday, January 30, 2008


HOORAY! I can finally say today, we had a good night and today is going very well so far.

I still haven't taken Sweet Pea's temperature today but she felt nice and cool when I went to bed. WHICH I did only two hours after getting the girls to bed. Sweet Pea slept straight through until 7am and The Bug only woke up twice during the night, so I am feeling like I actually got some sleep last night - imagine that! It's also sunny today, which helps my mood as well. hee hee.

It was like pulling teeth to get Sweet Pea into the shower this morning - she didn't want to be in the tub when The Bug was in there too - but we all got all scrubbed up, and I am particularly happy to have been able to get Sweet Pea cleaned up and wearing fresh DAYTIME clothes today.

I am still bothered, however, because I am still having to speak very loudly for Sweet Pea to hear me, and the doctor totally blew that off when I took her in the other day. I don't see how a mild ear infection in one ear could compromise her hearing like this. So - we're going at 4pm to see another doctor about her hearing. I want to get a hearing scan done. I don't know if they can do that today or if we'll have to schedule that separately. I think we'll have to do it another day, because that's not something the doctors do. We'll see. Point is, I want to have some medical attention put toward this because it is NOT normal for Sweet Pea to have so much trouble hearing.

I really really hope to be able to take Sweet Pea back to school tomorrow. Even if her hearing isn't 100%, she'll do just fine, I'm sure, especially since she has a good bit of sign language vocabulary and her teachers sign at school.

The Bug's still got a lot of green snot coming out of her nose, but doesn't seem to have an ear infection - yay!

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