Friday, February 01, 2008

All Is Well

WHEW! I think we're through the nasties this week. Slipshod has also returned home, and all is right with the world. Yay!

Sweet Pea totally could have gone to school yesterday but really really didn't want to, so I didn't make her. But she promised to go today and all of next week, and she's a girl who keeps her promises, so finally, on the last school day of the week, we'll be back to our normal schedule.

Sweet Pea happily announced to me the other day that she can breathe out of both her nostrils! It's been a VERY long time since that was possible for her. The Bug's nose finally seems to be drying up too, though it is still a little wet.

The doctor we saw on Wednesday said that Sweet Pea's hearing loss is almost definitely due to her ear infection, even though it's a very mild one. She said that her hearing could take 4-6 WEEKS to return to normal, and it takes 3 MONTHS after an ear infection for all the excess fluid to drain out of the head. Seems like that could explain why The Bug has had so many ear infections this winter. Since November we have not gone that long between colds, so her head has never had that long to dry out after an ear infection.

Slipshod got home last night around 9:30pm completely exhausted. He thinks he may be coming down with something. EEK. Not sure what to do; get him an astronaut helmet to wear until the cold passes?

This weekend we've got one set of grandparents coming over on Saturday and the other set on Sunday, so I think the girls will have a great time. On Sunday I'm finally going to get to go to my sister's new yoga studio space (it's one room in a studio) for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session. I had to put that off the weekend when The Bug broke out in hives from the amoxicillin. It's going to feel GREAT to get out of the house and away from my responsibilities for a while. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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Stahl family said...

Heya! It was great talking to you yesterday. I hope all the nasties go away and stay away. Then we can plan a get-together. I would love it if y'all wanted to come down and check out our new playroom! :)