Thursday, January 03, 2008

An Unfortunate First Today

Today is the day Sweet Pea and I go to the dentist to get her first THREE fillings. Whee... I think she'll do fine but a number of people, family and friends, are telling me how sorry they feel for her, that they've never heard of having to get baby teeth filled, and that they've never heard of kids getting cavities in their baby teeth. So yeah, I feel like a GREAT mom about this. But you know, I do think it's the responsible thing to do to go forward with the fillings. Yeesh. My mom said, "she may lose her teeth next year," but to me that's no reason to let her have growing, obvious cavities in her front teeth. Because, she may NOT lose her teeth next year. But mostly, I don't want to let the cavities sit there and get worse. I can't understand even the thought of that unless the tooth in question was actually loose.

Anyway - Sweet Pea is thankfully not hearing all these people's commentary on the subject, and seems entirely relaxed about the whole thing. She will see the same dentist and hopefully the same hygeinist that she saw last time and this time I will be sitting with her the whole time, not in another room getting my teeth cleaned. I think it will be fine. I'll post an update when we get back.

In the mean time I need to be crazy and take both girls into the shower with me to get us ready for the day! I don't do this every day, but it's really necessary today. Whee -

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Anonymous said...

Mine are too young yet, but our mutual friend up in Washington with 3 little ones had to have fillings in baby teeth - so Sweet Pea is *not* alone. Not only is it important in the short term, but also important to keep the gums healthy. You are absolutely doing the right thing. Good luck today!
- A friend from Burbank