Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey! Today's a Holiday!

I got so caught up in all the illness and hives around here that I was surprised when Slipshod told me yesterday that today was a holiday. I had been telling Sweet Pea that I would be taking her back to school today and then had to take it back. ha ha!

Yesterday The Bug woke up with a dramatically improved height and color to her hives. We can still see all the places where all the bumps are, but they're almost back to normal skin color now, and not sticking up nearly so much. WHEW.

Today both girls and Slipshod sound like they have a boatload of snot in their noses and Slipshod doesn't feel great, but the girls seem to feel just fine. I plan to scrub 'em up tomorrow and get Sweet Pea back in the swing of things at school! I've chosen some pictures of her from each year of her life that show her favorite things that happened or were given to her each year (her favorite giraffe stuffed animal, our cats, her baby sister). Today I'm going to run the pictures by her and we'll buy some light blue poster board and make a half-birthday poster to show her classmates and teachers on Thursday. Now to figure out what we're going to make/take for snack that day, besides letter-shaped cheese slices...

Yesterday I declared war on the germs in our house and started by washing all the towels and sheets (and of course some dirty clothes that got in the way). Sweet Pea and I also used those previously discussed bleach wipes to wipe all doorknobs, stair railings, baby gates, toilet flushing levers, light switches, faucet handles, etc. Today I'm going to continue the good work by washing our blankets (couldn't get all the bedding done in one day), the rest of the clothes, and hopefully the dishes. Wish me luck.

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