Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year! Uh... Happy January?

Shortly before New Year's Day I decreed that in our house, 2008 will be The Year of the Great Purge.

Cool thing is, it wasn't just something I said. Slipshod and I are really jumping on it and getting things sorted and outta here! YEAH! Slipshod spent a good part of Saturday going through boxes and bowls and bags of paper that we've been avoiding: old mail, neighborhood flyers, tax documents - you name it. Bleh. We've got scads and loads more, but he made a good start.

I started going through the kitchen to pull out things that I want to give away. I've been seeing things in the cabinets and drawers that I never use or that I don't want to use for one reason or another, and thinking that I really need to put all of those things in a box. I finally did that in the kitchen, but now I need to pull the boxes marked "kitchen" in from the garage and go through those too. I've been avoiding it because I was afraid I'd want to keep more than we could fit in the kitchen. The kitchen's almost full, and we haven't even opened at least four "kitchen" boxes that came out of the pod last summer. HOWEVER - of course I realized that we've been living without whatever's in those boxes for over a year so we probably don't need much if any of it, AND Slipshod's niece moved out of her mom's house over the summer and needs some things for her kitchen, so she is my real motivation for finally starting this job. It's exciting to see what I want to give away when I actually know somebody who might really be happy to have it. I'm sure she won't want everything I'm giving away, but I'll Freecycle the rest, or take it to Goodwill or something. The point is, I'm getting the sorting done, and whenever I actually get started on a job like this, I get really excited about getting rid of things and getting boxes unpacked.

Speaking of which - I finally unpacked a couple of my clothes boxes over the weekend as well. I've been living on such a small wardrobe for so long that I cannot believe how many sweatshirts I had. I'm getting rid of way most of them. I hardly ever wear sweatshirts in the first place! I'm looking forward to going through the rest of my clothes, too, and giving away lots of them. Yay!

Well, I need to eat lunch now. I've got my first "me" moment in two weeks! I didn't realize until today when Slipshod was back at work, Sweet Pea was at school, and The Bug fell asleep that I have not had any time to myself for so long!

Check in later (or tomorrow, if I can't get back to this today) for pictures of our attempt to take the girls to see snow yesterday, as well as a medical update on Slipshod.

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