Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Have I ever mentioned that I get really depressed sometimes when it's grey outside for a long time? And that everything seems BAD, or at least sucky, when that happens?

Well I should probably be happy right now because Sweet Pea is at school and thrilled to be there, and The Bug is napping and will probably be out for 2 hours or longer, until I have to wake her up to go pick up her sister, because she (like Sweet Pea and I) sleeps long and hard when it's grey and rainy outside. And also because she went to sleep really flipping late last night but got up at usual time this morning.

But instead of being happy about the freedom for a couple hours I'm feeling bitchy because I just cleaned out the litter box and now I have to get the rest of the garbage, recycling and green waste out, in the rain, before I can settle down to eat lunch. That's of course my own time thing there - I know that I won't want to get up and do the garbage thing after lunch, and I also won't know for sure at that point in the day that I have some uninterrupted time during which to get the trash out without tripping over The Bug and worrying about her running out into the street.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm also going to fold about ten loads of laundry after I eat lunch, but that what is REALLY bothering me right now is the latest in my string of, "WILL THE BAD THINGS EVER STOP COMING?!" That thing is: WHY the HELL does the inside of my car smell like cat pee? I truly cannot figure out even a not-probable-but-maybe scenario. It has been well over 6 months since I took either of our cats to the vet, and when I do they're in cat carriers (and they don't pee in them like our last cat - these two are actually really good in the car; they barely even meow!). We don't leave my car open so neighborhood cats can get in. But on the drive to school today Sweet Pea and I were both bothered by the odor of cat pee (she insisted that it actually smelled like cat poo, but I didn't think so - cat pee is a much more horrible and lingering smell). Since I've been back from dropping Sweet Pea off at school, my own cats have been sniffing and snuffling around my pantlegs and my shoes. WHAT IS GOING ON???!!!!

I'm sorry I'm bitching. I am just not a happy camper right now. This cold we've had for ages that won't go away, the level of clutter in our house, the fact that I cannot get anything taken care of around the house due to how much the girls need from me, and the weather - all of these things have got me on the boo hoo train to Gripesville.

I'll stop now.

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Ann Kylosaurus said...

Hugs! Give me a call tonight if you want to chat.

If your car is still stinky, get a bottle of "Nature's Miracle" and spray down the carpet and upholstery. It really gets the cat pee stink out.