Friday, January 18, 2008

*Cough Cough - HONK*

Today's score: The Cold - 4, The Family - -3

Or maybe it's -2, I'm too out of it to be sure.

The Bug got this cold the week before last, I think, from a neighbor baby who is still not better! The Bug seemed like she was almost all better a number of days ago, then seemed worse off again - more snotty. Again yesterday she seemed nearly 100%. Today? She slept late but is yawning. She woke up with dried snot on her cheeks (she was almost totally dry yesterday). She wants me to hold her. All the time. She lays her head down on me. None of these things are like her normal behavior.

I kept Sweet Pea home from school again (4th time this week) today just because I guess I'm admitting defeat. She's still got a runny nose and a cough. I feel like crap. I give up. I am really, really hoping that next week we're all way better and Sweet Pea will be able to go to school every day, especially on the 24th since that's her half birthday and since her actual birthday is during the summer, she will get to celebrate her half birthday at school. We'll be taking snack for her class on her half birthday, and I get to go in with her for Circle Time at the beginning of class. We're ordering prints of some pictures of her from birth and each of her birthdays and we'll make a little poster or collage or something for her to share with her class. Yay! We are both really looking forward to that. They have a neat birthday tradition at her school, too, where the teachers light a candle and the kids pretend that the candle is the sun, and each walk around the "sun" stands for a year. So the birthday child walks around the candle the appropriate number of times. I imagine the other kids sing a birthday song as well, but I'm not sure - I've only heard bits and pieces from other parents. We'll find out next week!

I hope the rest of you are healthier than we are, and that you all have a faboo weekend.

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