Thursday, January 24, 2008

Half Birthday Doings

Today is Sweet Pea's half birthday. I think I've already explained that that means she gets to do a thing at school to celebrate, since her actual birthday happens during the summer when she's not in school. Unfortunately things didn't happen as smoothly as they might have otherwise, but in one way they worked out better - for a worse reason.

What I mean is... The Bug had a super crappy night again - waking up, wanting to nurse, feeling like crap. This morning instead of apple juice she wanted to nurse. Instead of breakfast she wanted to nurse. I'm going pretty looney here since this has been going on for so long, so I called and made an appointment at the pediatrician's office and they could take us at 11am. Slipshod came home from work to get Sweet Pea ready for school while I took The Bug to the doctor. Before we left I did manage to get The Bug to eat some grapes while Sweet Pea and I made the poster of pictures of her at birth, and each age she has been so far, to take to school for her half-birthday celebration.

The pediatrican said that The Bug probably keeps getting sick because Sweet Pea keeps bringing stuff home from school (we knew that). He said that since the snot coming out of her nose right now is green, and the fluid in her ears is cloudy, things are clogging up, and we need to steam her to get it out, or squirt saline solution up her nose (that stuff really helps; I use it myself - but she's like NO WAY CRAZY LADY when I try to use it on her) to get the snot running and out. IF we can't get her head cleared out, she WILL get another ear infection. He gave me a prescription just in case she gets to that point and tells us that her ears hurt.

After we got home from the doctor all The Bug wanted to do was nurse so we did that and she went to sleep and then I FINALLY got to eat something for the first time today - at 11:50am! Slipshod stayed home with the sleeping one while I took Sweet Pea to school. It was fun to get to take her by myself today, but unfortunately both her teacher I spoke to about the half-birthday thing and I had forgotten that since today is Thursday, the kids have music at the beginning of class. The teacher asked if I could come back in the afternoon to do the birthday thing at the end of class instead and I said I probably could but it was kind of ideal to do it before class because I didn't have the baby with me, etc. They decided that since most of the kids were there anyway and the music teacher was not, we could just start a little early, so we did that and Sweet Pea got to do the school tradition of holding the globe and walking in a circle around a lit candle which represents the sun and stopping each time it has been a year. Before she started I got to tell the kids something special about her birth, and then each time she stopped to represent another year, I got to say something about her at that age. It was neat and fun, and she got to keep the poster with the pictures at school all day so she could show her classmates.

We also took snack for the class today since it's a special day for Sweet Pea, and we've been wanting to use our alphabet cookie cutters for this, so I asked Sweet Pea if she just wanted to make a cheese alphabet or spell something, or what. Below you see her choice and her work. My mom left the cat-shaped cookie cutter with us after she and Sweet Pea made cut-out cookies together before Christmas. We made 6 plates like this so there would be 24 pieces of cheese, and also sent tons of crackers and a veggie tray for the kids. Hope they liked it! Last time we did cut-out cheese (used heart-shaped cookie cutters that time) the teachers said that the kids loved the shaped cheese, and I know there is a little boy in Sweet Pea's class who loves cats as much as she does, so I'll bet the words and cats are going over well.

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dlub said...

Alia hates the saline "spray" that I drip into her nose, too. I make Squonk pin her down and I tip her head backward and drip it in. I wait a bit, then use the snorker (bulb syringe) to exhume the slime.

What cracks me up is that if I'm not holding the snorker, she LOVES it, running around the house and trying to chew on the end. EWWWWW.