Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Haiku (plus assorted pictures)

Haiku Friday

Time for Friday 'ku
Sweet Pea's at school, Bug's asleep
Now some time for ME!

You know, I really should start mentioning that if you want to participate in Haiku Friday too, all you have to do is visit A Mommy Story to find out how, sign the Mr. Linky, and pick up a pretty button like the one above!

Below we have some pictures I promised how long ago? A month? At least a few weeks. The first three are from the day when we tried to take the girls to see the snow. We didn't want to drive all the way to the REAL snow in the REAL mountains, so we waited for a day when we heard that the snow was much closer to us. Before we went to bed the night before it was down to 3,000 feet, and in the morning it was down to 2,500 so we had our choice of a couple places not too far away. We chose the one we knew - the one we'd been to before, but since the snow had been lower in the morning, the road was closed halfway up. By the time we got there almost all the snow had melted, but we did find a place off the side of the road where we could stop and Sweet Pea could at least get the toes of her (rain) boots in the snow.

Hermetically sealed cat.
I told her that if she really wanted to take her little cat friend, we'd have to find a way to keep it from getting muddy if she dropped it.

I think she did actually have snow in her hand, but she was equally enthralled with her mittens.

Oh, yay, Sweet Pea finally got to see some snow. We are still planning to take them on a longer trip to the REAL snow in the REAL mountains later this season.

This was one day last week when we had had enough of the inside of our house and just had to get out and take our miserable colds for a walk. Sweet Pea wanted to wear the ladybug wings cape and The Bug wanted it too, so we used the fairy dress to distract her and it totally worked. Yay! We got this cute little umbrella for Sweet Pea to match her rain boots, but it broke the second day we had it, and for no apparent reason, even! It was fine the first day, then the second day when Sweet Pea opened it, it was broken. Cheap Chinese crap.
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Queen of Spain said...

Jealous. We only got rain. 10 miles to snow if we want but you know, I'm way too lazy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed your Me time. There's so little of it when the kids are around. Happy Belated Haiku Friday.