Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Night

Hi, it's me again. Have you noticed that my updates are getting more frequent and closer together (i.e., two in one day now)? That's because I don't want to be here doing this alone and I'm afraid Sweet Pea is going to throw up again tonight and this time we won't be so lucky that The Bug will sleep through it all.

We had a good day and a great visit with Boopa and the girls' cousin and I'm THRILLED to have a huge packing box full of kitchen stuff taken away by her to be used in her kitchen. It's so much easier to walk in the kitchen now! ha ha

Both girls had a wonderful time with their Boopa and cousin today and our company stayed for dinner, which I actually cooked out of fresh ingredients, so that was nice too. I didn't want them to leave, and I invited them back tomorrow, though I doubt they'll come. Sweet Pea ate a little (simple foods) at every meal and kept drinking apple juice all day and I did give her her second dose of amoxicillin tonight before bed. Since that was a while after dinner, I had her eat more - some crackers and part of a banana - before giving her the meds.

At bedtime I took her temperature and it was up again - 100.4. I called my mother-in-law for advice about whether or not to dose her with a fever reducer and she suggested letting it go, since last night that worked out okay, temps are higher at the end of the day, especially active days, and Sweet Pea will surely wake up and let me know if the fever is so high that it's bothering her. I didn't really want to dose her because I didn't want to give her stomach anything more to deal with tonight. Sweet Pea did tell me when I was trying to get The Bug to sleep, though, that her stomach felt "a whole lot better" than it did last night, so that's good. I hope it stays that way.

One of our cats just couldn't be left out of the action and took it upon himself to throw up in three different places upstairs today, as well as on one of the stairs closer to the downstairs. Isn't he thoughtful? Gah. 'Cause I wasn't already cleaning up enough puke.

Think good thoughts for us tonight. I really want to just blow off the dishes and watch something fabulously brainless on TV for a break before going to bed early, but nobody else is going to clean up the mess, so I guess I'll stop writing now and go clear the table, put away the leftovers, and wash the dishes. I can't wait.

Added 45 minutes or so later...

Hey! I forgot to mention the funny thing that happened today. There was a knock on the front door during the afternoon. I didn't want to get up and answer the door because I had just sat down and The Bug was lounging on my lap. But, I did drag myself over and open the door, and lo and behold, there was a lady delivering a beautiful vase of flowers to me! I was instantly glad I'd decided to get up and answer the door after all. ha ha! The flowers were sent by the two muckety-mucks at Slipshod's work who were the most instrumental in and appreciative of Slipshod going to Long Island this week on very late notice. While flowers obviously don't help him BE here while Sweet Pea is so sick or help me deal with both girls under those circumstances, it was still really nice to know that they know Slipshod has a family and that they understand it's hard on me to have him gone.

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Christina said...

I hope she's feeling better today and on the mend.

Wow, that was nice of them to send flowers! I've never heard of a company doing that before!