Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Here's what happened yesterday:

Things were much better. Took the girls to the doctor at 2:15. Sweet Pea's right ear did hurt by the time we got her there. Turned out that her left ear, which has been bothering her a lot since Saturday, looked totally fine. Her right ear has a mild infection, but one that the doctor pronounced "bad enough to treat." So, we went to the store and got some amoxicillin for her, since she has not shown any allergic reactions to said substance. When we got home our friends across the street were out so we got Sweet Pea's tricycle and The Bug's "Poohmobile," as we call it, and went for a walk around the block and then played some more, until Speed Racer's mom and I got too cold and took the kids in and made our dinners. The girls both ate just fine.

Yesterday during The Bug's nap, Sweet Pea and I went out back, since it was sunny for once, and scrubbed the slide and washed it off and brought it inside the house. The Bug has been asking to go out and slide on it, but always during a storm or after dark or at some other inconvenient time/temperature. Now she can slide whenever she wants! She took FULL advantage of that yesterday, and exhausted herself. By bedtime she was crying to get in bed!

The girls both slept well for a while and I did the dishes and chopped up veggies for tonight's dinner (and spent some time e-mailing and Twittering, of course - or at least reading along). Then The Bug cried for me and I was JUST ready to go to bed so I grabbed everything I needed and went up to bed. I thought that Sweet Pea felt hot, but decided she must have just turned over and I was feeling her hotter side.

After The Bug got back to sleep I zonked out but was awakened just half an hour later by Sweet Pea, who said that she couldn't sleep because her ear hurt. I couldn't get myself to wake up enough to help her right away but she bugged me again and said, "Mommy, I really don't feel good." I felt her forehead and she felt boiling hot. I thought about it and realized that both the thermometer and the Children's Motrin were downstairs, so I told her I was going to get those things. She wanted to come with me, so I picked her up and carried her downstairs. When we got to the kitchen, she threw up over my shoulder.

That came as a surprise to both of us and she threw up again, and my poor sweetie was crying and asking me to make it stop. I took her temperature when she recovered a bit from the vomiting and it was 101.6 at the hottest. But the two temps before that were slightly lower. I was worried that her temperature was rising, but couldn't really give her Tylenol or anything as long as she was throwing up... so I had her take some sips of water and put her back to bed.

I slept like crap because every time Sweet Pea moved in her bed I woke up, worried that she was going to throw up again. However, Sweet Pea slept just fine through the rest of the night, and her fever broke during the night. She still can't hear me very well and I called the doctor as soon as their office opened to ask what to do - I figured that with her stomach in an uncomfortable way, I'd be making things worse for her if I gave her more antibiotics. The lady I spoke with at the doctor's office said to give her some toast, see if she kept it down for 5 minutes, and if she did, give her some medicine. If that came back up I should call back, but she did keep it all down, and a whole bunch of apple juice too.

I really feel like there's something going on behind Sweet Pea's eardrums that the doctors can't see. When she vomited, all that came up was green mucus. And why would her left ear hurt so much if there's nothing wrong with it and the mild infection is in fact in her other ear? The medical folks keep telling me that it will take 2-3 days for the medicine to take effect, so I guess the job here is to get enough medicine to stay in her for that to happen - then maybe whatever is going on in there will start to clear up. Sigh.

We're expecting a visit today from Boopa and one of the girls' grown cousins. I think that will cheer everyone up. The visit was originally intended to cheer Boopa up since he broke his wrist and had surgery on it last week and can't do much one-handed and is getting bored at home. But, I think him being here will be a very welcome fun thing for both the girls - they just adore him - and maybe a bit of a break for me, since I won't be the only adult in the house for a while. Slipshod's niece is going to look through some kitchen stuff I've been putting aside for her if she wants it, since she just moved out of her mom's place and is setting up her own apartment.

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Slipshod said...

All this and I'm stuck in Long Island.

Violet's never going to let me leave again.