Saturday, January 26, 2008


The run-down:

Slipshod is being last-minute flown across the country on Monday - probably coming back Thursday.

Sweet Pea suddenly has an earache on the left side today. She first told me about it around 1:30pm and now it's really bothering her. And tomorrow's SUNDAY. Gave her some Tylenol - we'll see how she does during the night & how she feels in the morning. We've got an 11am birthday party to attend - but if she's too bad off we may have to stay home and figure out how to get the doctor on call at the pediatrician's office to see us (or whatever they tell you to do on Sundays). And we're already supposed to be taking a birthday gift to the party for another family - all four of THEM are sick. Isn't this a fun winter?

The Bug is somewhat less snotty (still lots of junk coming out, though) and FINALLY regained her bottomless pit appetite today - it's been a LONG time since she's eaten a normal-sized meal for her. HOWEVER, she wants me to hold her. All day. Something's bothering her again. We're trying to determine what hurts. We do have a prescription for her if it's her ears again.

Me? I'm just REALLY DONE with all of this. I was feeling okay about Slipshod going back East for four days when I thought the girls were close to all better. Now... GAH! Almost no sleep at night is routine for me, and I can barely accomplish anything because I'm holding a toddler almost all the time.

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