Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feeling Better

Hi there! I was so bleh yesterday that I wanted to let you know things are better around here today. The Bug is actually sicker, I think, but otherwise things are looking up. I got a lot of picking up done last night and really did fold and put away all that clean laundry. Getting things done makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER when the house has gone to crap during illnesses, so I'm feelin' pretty good today. Yay!

The Bug was very clingy and extremely coughy yesterday - the kind of cough where a lot of stuff comes up and she has trouble breathing. All day. And during the night too. She had a low fever after she'd been in bed for a few hours so we gave her some Motrin, but today she feels much cooler and seems pretty happy and not nearly as clingy.

I've been trying to talk Sweet Pea into going to Yoga class without me after school on Wednesdays but she really wants me there. Last week the class was in a classroom and I felt it was an awful disruption for the teacher to have me and The Bug there. Hopefully today's class will be back in the bigger room where The Bug and I can go behind the partitions around the yoga mats. (**Added later: Sweet Pea insists that she does not want to go to Yoga today. It's a bummer since she was so into it to start with, and hopefully she'll be excited about it again next week, but today it actually works better for her not to go anyway. If she changes her mind during school and wants to go that's fine, but if not, so much the better for me today.)

In amusing behavior notes, recently when I asked her why she seemed to exhibit more difficult behavior with me on school days, Sweet Pea told me that she loves her teacher more than she loves me. I nearly giggled out loud because I know she's totally full of crap on that score. ha ha ha! After being home with me nearly all of last week because she was sick, she said that she loves me more again. Whatever! Silly.

Also - last night, and I think the night before, the first time The Bug woke up at night, instead of calling for me like she usually does, she called twice for her sister! ha ha! I thought that was really really cute. Whenever we get our butts out to a mattress store we're going to buy them a full sized mattress to sleep on together - with The Bug calling out for her sister at night, that makes me feel more and more like we're doing the right thing with this. They are both very into the idea of a sibling bed anyway, so I'm pretty sure it'll work into a good thing pretty quickly. They have slept together for parts of nights on Sweet Pea's little single mattress (which is part of the guest bed) and it has gone well, and they have both been really excited about it. So I'm excited to get the sibling bed set up for them soon.

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