Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tune in Next Week for Scenes from the Bubonic Plague!

First I thought God hated us. Then I decided someone must have cursed us. Since my sister is also currently suffering from a mystery ailment (complications after the flu) I thought that perhaps we're all Cylons and someone released a virus that targets us (in which case Slipshod figures we're screwed because he's agnostic and we'll probably just keep getting sick unless we can convert him to be a believer in the One True God).

But now I've got it figured out: We're on a really really twisted reality show. There are cameras hidden around our house and every week or two someone comes in during the night and swabs bacteria and/or viruses up our noses or onto our food and then they sit back and watch the hilarity unfold.

If you haven't already read about last Friday's unfortunate events, check the previous post and then come back and read the next bit of the saga.

Here's how it went down: Sunday night I could not sleep a wink. I laid awake listening to Slipshod snore and noticed that The Bug was really really restless, but she seemed to be pretty much asleep through it. My body was trying really hard to figure out what to do with the food I had given it that day; it seemed to be unsure what to do after digestion. So I was pretty uncomfortable.

Around 4:30am The Bug rolled over and hugged my head with her face (meaning her head was on top of my head). Then she suddenly rolled off onto her tummy, put her head up and looked at me like she was confused, and promptly threw up down the side of my pillow. I woke Slipshod and ordered him to get me a towel, but she had sat up and thrown up again before he was awake enough to get up, get the towel, and return.

Stuff like that is really scary at 4:30am, especially after what I had just been through. I wondered if she had food poisoning too, if she had somehow managed to pick up the bacteria from me, a thought which FREAKED me out because if that was the deal I couldn't imagine how we would get the house clean enough to make sure everyone else didn't get it... I worried about someone so little throwing up, etc.

But then she seemed okay and I said to Slipshod, who was too tired to think, "just get some towels and we'll put them on the bed and lie down again and hope that was it." That's what we did, but then 15 minutes later she threw up again. At that point I took The Bug and the towels downstairs and Slipshod helped me get settled with her on my lap on the couch, her trying to sleep and me holding a big bowl in front of her face. The poor thing proceeded to throw up EIGHT times in just over two hours. This was complicated by the fact that since I had gotten up and walked a little bit, and was now sitting up, my body was like, "oh yeah, I remember what comes next, but I'm just going to do a little at a time," so I had to keep waking up the poor sleeping Bug so I could go to the bathroom, and I think jostling her to get up and into the bathroom may have aggravated her condition and made her throw up a couple extra times.

At any rate, she stopped throwing up around 7:30am and that was it. As the day progressed she became more and more interested in food and drink and seemed totally fine.

When the vomiting began and seemed incessant my first thought was that I would have to stop the weaning and nurse her so she could stay hydrated, but she never asked for "boppy" through the throwing up, and since it stopped after a couple hours I didn't offer.

Yesterday The Bug had a big blister across her upper lip. She has had many of them before, but I have always thought they were nursing blisters, and when she got this one it had been four days since she had nursed! Also, those blisters never bothered her until yesterday - she kept asking me what was on her lip, and kept trying to brush it off. I thought about calling the doctor but didn't know what I would say, so I didn't.

Today The Bug was extremely clingy and seemed sad and tired in the morning. She insisted on coming into the shower with me but wanted me to hold her. I did get her to just sit in the water like she usually does, but she sat there staring into space and not playing with her toys for at least half the shower. She started asking for "boppy" before we took Sweet Pea to school, but she was really tired. I offered her soy milk and she gladly drank a little cup of that.

She does not have a fever but I'm watching her. I don't know what's going on with her and I'm a bit worried. I'm hoping that she's just tired and we can make up the sleep over the next few days.

As for her vomiting, the day before that happened she had decided that her favorite new drink was orange juice and Slipshod gave her a cup of it undiluted. After she drank all of that I gave her another undiluted cup because I figured she wouldn't drink it any other way since it wouldn't taste the same. I think we just over-acidified her stomach. That's my theory, anyway. The Bug has had issues with acidity of citrus since the beginning and has had many a diaper rash from eating too many pieces of fresh orange, or even, when she was only nursing in infancy, a *horrible* rash after I had been taking unbuffered vitamin C for a few days. So I think she may just be more sensitive to citrus than the rest of us.

I am STILL regaining my energy after Friday's bout of food poisoning (we'll never really know what caused the violent purging of my body, but that's what we're calling it). Today is the first day I'm not napping with The Bug (so I hope she keeps sleeping 'cause she really needs it). Our house is nearly empty of food - fresh food, anyway - so I absolutely must come up with a shopping list while Sweet Pea is at school and then take the girls grocery shopping after school. I can't wait.

Sweet Pea has finished her course of antibiotics for walking pneumonia. She is still coughing but I think it is getting better. She seems to have more energy and dropping her off at school yesterday was totally normal - no problems at all - but today it seemed to be going just fine and then she got all clingy and started crying that she wanted to stay with me. One of her teachers took her hand and took her into the classroom, crying. It was hard for me again to leave her that way, and I am just wondering WHAT the heck is going on with my kids! I hope she cheered up quickly and is having fun at school today.

In happy news: Today I am wearing jeans that fit better because they're smaller (and it's also a bonus that they don't have holes in the knees) AND a real bra that lifts and separates! VERY excited on both counts. Weaning still going well. Body still adjusting. Not to mention the todller.

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