Monday, April 07, 2008


Well, Sweet Pea has not had a fever since Saturday afternoon, so we have not taken her to the doctor and she is at school today. I am kinda sad about school, though. She told me first thing this morning when I was talking about school that she didn't want to go today, but I insisted. After all, I think she's missed at least a month and a half all told this school year due to her many colds/bugs/flus, and her school is freakin' expensive! But when we got there she clung to me and asked to go home. Not normal behavior for her.

Granted, she's been away from school for two weeks and since we were sick all last week we haven't so much as played with the neighbor kids, so it probably feels very strange to her to suddenly be back in such a busy, kid-filled place as school.

When The Bug and I left school today I had transferred a nearly-sobbing Sweet Pea from clinging to me to clinging to her favorite teacher, with her extremely sweet and empathetic 6-year-old friend patting her back and saying, "I've had cries like this too." So I know she's in great hands, but it was sad to have to leave her there crying. Sigh.

The Bug is doing great and slept decently well last night so I feel a bit more human today. She is napping now so I should be cleaning the kitchen but I think I'm going to eat lunch first. Priorities, you know. If she wakes up early from her nap or I don't get everything done before it's time to pick up Sweet Pea from school, she or both the girls can help me clean up. They love to play in the sink while I wash the dishes.

Slipshod is back at work today. Our house is a total wreck. Going to school felt really bizarre. It's been just us here in our little sick bubble for a long time, so suddenly being out there with all those people was just weird. I can totally understand why Sweet Pea is a bit thrown. I hope she got through it quickly after I left and is back in her classroom having a good first day back at school.

And also: The Bug is 22 months old today! I've already been thinking about birthday party planning for both girls' parties for a month. I guess it's time to sit down and figure out what kind of party we're going to do and order the plates and all that fun stuff. I was just going to do a cat birthday like Sweet Pea always has, because then we could use the same plates, etc. for both birthdays - but I think I'll show The Bug some other birthday themes and see if she wants to choose something different. She does adore kitties, but I want her to be able to express her own interests rather than just follow her sister's if she feels stronger about something non-kitty. We'll see how it goes. It'll be fun looking at the themes with her.

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