Friday, April 18, 2008


So far, so good. Nobody has thrown up or sneezed or sniffled. Sweet Pea's cough seems to be entirely gone now (YAY!) and her energy is definitely back. Wahoo! The Bug is still pickier than usual about what she wants to eat, but she is eating. Now I just wish I could get her to drink more. But she has already had two wet diapers today, so that's a good sign.

Clark seems to have recovered (at least mostly) overnight. When Slipshod came to bed in the wee hours he said he couldn't find Clark and we went to sleep worried, but this morning I found him in his usual favorite sleeping spot: On the changing table in the girls' room. I then saw him jump down and walk around and while he does seem to be favoring his back end a tiny but, he's almost walking normally again.

The girls and I have been getting really bored with eating the same thing for breakfast every day so Wednesday night I stayed up way too late (our oven isn't as hot as it's supposed to be so baking always takes some guesswork and turning up the temperature and carefully watching the food) making homemade granola, which turned out really yummy. Yesterday and today for breakfast the girls and I have had parfaits: A layer of fresh berries on the bottom, vanilla yogurt in the middle, and homemade granola on top. YUM! Sweet Pea is actually currently eating her third breakfast parfait of the day. Ha ha! She suddenly has a bigger appetite the past couple days. Maybe it's because she's finally completely well, or maybe she's growing again. Either way, I'm happy to see it.

Well, The Bug looks like she might actually take a nap before school today, so I'm going to take her upstairs and see if she'll conk out.


Karen Sugarpants said...

OH YUM! I've never made that but man it sounds good.

Christina said...

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that all of the illness from the past few months is GONE for you for quite some time!

Glad the kitty is feeling better, too. Cat fights can lead to nasty infections.