Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Night

Well, Sweet Pea survived school today and by the time The Bug and I went and picked her up, she seemed to have no memory of her trepidation about going into the classroom. She told me all about how she played "kitty cat" on the playground with two of her friends, noted that for some reason she is always chosen to play the baby kitten, and then related some very complicated details about the game involving wood chips being used as movie tickets and other things.

When we came home after school I tried so very hard to get something, anything, cleaned up around the house, but the girls were in the back yard and Sweet Pea wanted me to help her plant, one by one, a handful of sunflower seeds she had picked up from under the bird feeder (where the messy birds drop the seeds they don't want), and The Bug needed supervision with her little shovel and the potting soil... and then they heard their little friend Speed Racer outside so we had to go over there and say "hi" and ended up going into the neighbors' house while they were preparing dinner and then I finally got the girls back home and hands washed and fed them some reheated Zachary's Pizza for dinner.

I am exhausted.

As you might imagine, Sweet Pea is also exhausted, because we're all still a bit down on our energy and after having gone back to school today, she got more exercise than she's had for the past week. So when we got them to bed, Sweet Pea fell asleep in about a minute and a half. Literally. If only The Bug had gone to sleep that quickly - but she didn't take too-too much longer.

After dinner I had The Bug on my lap in front of the computer so I figured I'd run some birthday party themes past her for kicks, and she actually chose one relatively easily and quickly. She wants to have a Sea Life themed party this year. I think that's kinda funny since Sweet Pea had a Nemo party for her second birthday. I think that The Bug may have chosen the Sea Life theme for its many bright colors but I can't be sure. She really does like it, though, and chose it over the kitty cat themes I showed her. There was a new kitty cat theme that Sweet Pea chose for her party this year. Now I just need to figure out the invitation lists for the parties so I know how many party supplies to order for each party. Might as well get it all ordered at once, right?

Oh geez, there goes Sweet Pea coughing up a lung again. I thought she was past that tonight and once again did not give her cough medicine. Geez, that sounds painful. :o(

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