Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rotovirus Playground

This past Saturday I took Sweet Pea to a classmate's birthday party. It was the biggest children's birthday party I had ever seen, with the biggest jumpy house I had ever seen. Inside the jumpy house was separated into thirds. The first part right inside the door was just open jumpy space with a basketball hoop up at the opposite end (from the door). In the middle there was a huge slide, and on the far side there was an inflatable obstacle course that didn't look like it would be much fun unless you enjoyed getting smacked in the face by large pieces of jumpy house (apparently a lot of kids really do enjoy that).

When we got to the party all Sweet Pea could think about was going into the jumpy house, so that was the first place she went. And she stayed inside for at least an hour, no exaggeration. She had a super time in there and I got to stand/sit and chat with the other kids' parents, with whom I usually just exchange passing friendly hellos in the hallway when we take the kids to school and pick them up again. Sweet Pea had SO MUCH FUN in the jumpy house, but she did eventually decide that she would like to go play with other toys (no time for food, too much playing to be done). As soon as she emerged from the jumpy house and put her shoes back on I took her to the bathroom to wash her hands. She asked me why and I told her once again how germs spread and that those jumpy houses go from party to party and there have probably been sick kids in them (which she doesn't understand - she would never be allowed to go to a party sick - but I also explained to her that parents don't always know on the first day when their kid is sick).

Anyway, I had hoped that being up on handwashing on Saturday would keep her from catching anything. But it didn't. Yesterday when I picked her up from school her face was positively green. She said her tummy hurt so I put a plastic bag on her lap for the short drive home. When we got home she was still green but was hungry as well, so I went ahead and fed her, and then she had a bit of dinner later as well. After dinner she turned pink again, but I didn't trust that and we left a big bowl by the side of her bed when we put her to bed.

Sure enough, 5am this morning, she threw up. She is unfortunately getting so experienced with this that she (fortunately) grabbed the bowl and made sure she got everything into it, for which I am very grateful. I was so half asleep that I pushed Slipshod out of bed to take care of Sweet Pea before I realized that The Bug was asleep and I could go. So I got up and went to the bathroom to fetch a wet washcloth to wipe her mouth with afterward and all that lovely stuff. Slipshod did deal with most of the yuckiest bits and then I helped Sweet Pea get her mouth rinsed out, and I got her back into bed. She wanted to snuggle but then of course The Bug woke up and freaked out that I wasn't there, so Slipshod took care of Sweet Pea (he even slept across the bottom of her bed for the rest of the night, which I thought was really really sweet) and I went back to bed with The Bug, though it took her a good hour or more to get back to sleep.

Sweet Pea has not thrown up again, but I think she is going to. She is green again, and her tummy has been hurting all morning. I'm encouraging her to take sips of water and I gave her some soda crackers, though I don't think she has eaten any. She doesn't want to try ginger ale, and she doesn't like the Pedialyte popsicles. I've called her teachers and left a message and we'll be having a day at home, obviously. I put a fitted sheet over the couch and sat her there with her bowl and turned on the TV.

I thought it was very sweet this morning when we got up and Sweet Pea came over to me and said, "I love you, Mommy. Thank you for taking care of me last night." I'll have to make sure she thanks Slipshod too, because I feel like he did more to take care of her than I did.

Oh - I should go take her temperature now. I thought she felt a little warm earlier. I really hope this is just a quick passing illness. And I'm totally blaming this all on the jumpy house.

In good news: Last night I sat down and finished all our Christmas cards! I know, it's April and it sounds insane. But it was something I had to do. So, to those of you who we know personally and whose surnames start with K or later, in a couple days you'll finally have your card. ha ha ha!

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