Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've been wanting to post here quite often lately, but there are just SO many other things going on. Someday I will post a coherent thought again but for now, here's the latest:

Slipshod has gone to work every day (meaning he is better after that second round of the killer flu) and Sweet Pea has been at school every afternoon this week. I'm not so sure about Sweet Pea being better, though. Her nose is still running - green and often copiously - and her cough; oh man. Her cough is less frequent but still very "wet" sounding. It worries me. She has also been very tired, no matter how much sleep she gets at night. Yesterday when I picked her up from school one of her teachers said, "Sweet Pea was very tired today... she was laying down part of the time." After school every day she has laid down on the floor or couch and nearly fallen asleep. Did I mention that she's been sleeping pretty normally - which means 10-12 hours per night, usually uninterrupted? Yeah, so I'm still a bit worried.

We'll get her checked out tomorrow, though. We've had an appointment for The Bug tomorrow after school to make sure her ears are clear after that last infection. I called the dr's office yesterday to see if the doctor can also listen to Sweet Pea's lungs & otherwise check her out at the same appointment, just to see if she is still sick or has a complication that we need to address.

However, yesterday I did realize something that hadn't occurred to me before. The first time we had the flu Sweet Pea was home for two weeks, partly because she was sick for a while, and partly because toward the end of the second week, although I felt like she could have returned to school, *I* was too darn sick to take her. I wonder if she did actually need a full two weeks before she was totally recovered. Because this time she was only out one week, and she had a fever for 7 days in a row. She only had one fever-free day before going back to school.

Anyway... like I said, we'll find out how she's doing tomorrow when the doctor checks her out. While we're at the doctor's office I also need to make an appointment for Sweet Pea to get her lovely big huge panel of 5-year-old shots and The Bug to have her 2-year checkup (also with shots). I think we'll try to roll 'em into one appointment on a Friday so they can have the weekend to recover in case any of the shots cause pain or grumpiness. Whee... Sweet Pea has not had any shots since she turned 2 so she's not looking forward to getting the Kindergarten package. She said to me a couple weeks ago when I told her about it, "but Mom, you said I didn't have to get anymore shots!" I said, "no, I said you didn't have to get any more shots until you were FIVE. How old are you going to be this summer?" She said, "Five. Oh." and then grumbled for a while.

As for me - well, I am still very tired but I think I'm all better from the flu. I just can't seem to get anybody to leave me alone at night, so my sleep is really suffering. Like it has been for *ages.* I'm really really done with sleeping in a tiny portion of the bed, Slipshod hogging half or more by himself, with two little girls sprawled over me, their heads on my pillow. It's sweet and yet EVERY NIGHT? Not so much. Sweet Pea has been getting better about sleeping in her bed again, but she still comes up in the wee hours of the morning if she gets cold. This weekend we WILL go out and lay on some mattresses and choose one to buy for them to share. I can't freakin' wait to get them out of our bed. They will still be in our room, but I'm hatching a plan to paint their room this summer and make it all exactly the way they want it, and see if we can get them to move in there together. We'll see how it goes. That may be too much to fast, but right now, I've just been sucked dry by my family with all their illnesses and other CONSTANT needs, and I want some space. I was ready to go sleep in the guest room by myself a couple nights ago. Thankfully Slipshod has found a good product to help him with his snoring problem, and he actually used it last night so that was one less thing to keep me awake. Thank goodness!

BTW, unrelated but something I've been thinking - I'm a little bummed that nobody I actually KNOW (save the Queen of freaking Spain, bless her) is interested in Twitter (well okay I am following four or five people I know in real life, but they almost never update). It's a time-waster for sure, but it's fun too. And I'm the kind of person that loves to have a "fly on the wall" view into other people's lives, which is probably why I enjoy reading people's updates on Twitter.

Okay, The Bug just coughed but doesn't seem to be waking up from her nap yet, thank goodness... I need to get drinks & snacks ready for after school & then sort some papers, time allowing. Then we'll pick up Sweet Pea & whisk ourselves away to the Circle Dot Boutique to pick up birthday presents for the 1yr-old's party we're attending this Saturday and the 4yr-old's party we'll be attending the following Saturday. Hm. Y'know, I was only going to go to Target because I also needed diapers (yes, I have fallen prey to the ease of those evil disposable diapers most of the time); we could actually go to the really cute and fun TOY store downtown 'cause I actually already got diapers at the grocery store. This is sounding like more fun now! Though dangerous, taking both girls to a real live toy store... heh...

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The Pizzitola Family said...

It's been a bad year for the flu. I've had bronchitis, a sinus infection twice and the flu a number of times. Hope you all get better soon.

It's so nice to the 'them' out of your bed. It only took about 3 days of the 'supernannys' way of doing it, but it worked! Try it.

Lots of love.