Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here it is 15 minutes to Friday and I'm finally able to sit down and write an update about Thursday. Sigh. Though it must be said that since I got sick last week I've spent far less time with my computer and as a result have gotten a LOT more taken care of around here.

So, Thursday morning. Woke up, everyone seemed fine, took a shower with The Bug (she used to be fine playing outside the shower with her sister but more often lately wants to be sitting in the bathtub in some water playing with tub toys while I stand up and shower). Got both of us dressed. Sent her out to wake up Slipshod, and on her way up onto the bed, she threw up. Just once and it was so sudden that it seemed like she spit up more than actually vomited, but after what we've been through lately I wigged a tiny bit. However, once I got her cleaned up I took both the girls downstairs and she was just as energetic as ever, running around and yelling and wanting to play and eat. Since Monday's vomiting she has become more selective about what she wants to eat, and she was very particular all day today, but she did eat. And she did not vomit again.

However - first thing I did before making breakfast was call the pediatrician's office and get her an 11am appointment. So after we had our breakfast and got Sweet Pea dressed and ready to go, the three of us went over there and had The Bug checked out. She checked out completely healthy. The doctor suggested that I should pay attention to whether this happens more often after she drinks milk and if so, hold off on that and offer her soy or rice milk, but soy milk is what we drink here anyway, not cow's milk. We do eat dairy yogurt though, so I will keep an eye out for that but I am fairly certain this is not a dairy issue. Or soy either. The Bug drinks far less soy milk than her sister does; she prefers juice. The doctor said to give her less juice and substitute Pedialyte, which she really doesn't like. I got some of the apple flavored Pedialyte anyway, though, and the pops that you freeze. My neighbor told me that the frozen pops taste better than the juice. The doctor weighed The Bug so that if we have to go back for this we can have a baseline weight for comparison.

One of the things I told him was that she has had far fewer wet and poopy diapers lately. FAR fewer. I'm not entirely surprised since after Sunday's orange juice fest, she has not had what I consider enough to drink each day. I've been shoving drinks in her face all day every day trying to get her to at least sip here and there. Which apparently is a good thing; the doctor said that we're not going for volume drinkage, just sips here and there to keep her hydrated. I don't see how she could be hydrated enough with as little as she's drinking and the dry diapers for much longer stretches, but he said that since she's been playing and acting largely like herself recently she's probably okay. He said, "you can't fake that." I had never thought of it quite that way - ha ha! But I know what he means. Our old doctor always asked how Sweet Pea was acting because that is the best determination of how a kid feels and is doing.

The girls got candy and cookies as party favors from a birthday last weekend and I told Slipshod tonight that I was ready to throw the leftovers out. The girls had not eaten much and Sweet Pea had even stopped asking about them. Wasteful as it is to throw out food, I have no qualms about doing so when the food in question is candy. Since I was washing dishes when Slipshod and I talked about throwing out the candy and cookies, he picked up the boxes and took them to the trash. I told him that I found it interesting that the nights before both of The Bug's morning vomiting episodes she had eaten M&Ms from her box of goodies. He found that to be all the more reason to throw the leftovers away. I honestly don't know what to think of that. Sweet Pea ate more M&Ms than The Bug two nights in a row and never had a problem. So could The Bug's have been contaminated (they were not in their original packaging so potentially could have come into contact with something), or was it a coincidence? We will never know, but they're in the garbage now.

That's the latest. I am frustrated and want to know that The Bug is healthy and well, but we're just waiting and watching and hoping for the best.

Sweet Pea is totally fine and was thrilled to go to school today.

Clark (one of the cats) got into a fight today and is not comfortable. When I discovered him not acting right I was about to change The Bug's diaper so I had Slipshod come look at him, and he pulled another cat's claw out of Clark's back. Yeesh. If he's still feeling crappy tomorrow we'll have to take him to the vet in the morning.

I think The Bug is waking up so I guess it's time for me to go to bed. I'm just so DONE with all of the crap that has been visited on the members of our household since freaking NOVEMBER that I don't want to go to bed. I don't want to deal with The Bug tonight, and wake up and deal with more of it tomorrow. I'm just DONE.

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