Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sweet Pea seems to be doing a lot better today. Taking her to the doctor had the same effect as having Slipshod walk into a room where a computer is having a problem, or a mechanic looking at your car to figure out that funny noise: Things just fixed themselves.

Of course, in the case of Sweet Pea and the doctor, I think we just managed to take her there when she had gotten over the hump, and we just didn't realize it yet. She has not yakked since 9:30 yesterday morning, and the more she has eaten since then, the less dizzy she has become. Her tummy still hurts a little bit, but I'm thinking that may be because of how hungry she is. She is drinking very diluted white grape juice and eating soda crackers this morning. We will move on to more exciting foods later: Like Cream of Rice in an hour or so. Woo! ha ha I called and left a message for Sweet Pea's teachers to let them know we're keeping her home for the rest of the week. We'll need to work her up to eating normally again before she goes back, and I want her to be totally over this bug before we once again expose her to her classmates.

So far The Bug, Slipshod and I are doing fine and none of us are showing any signs of getting sick. I forgot to ask the doctor how long the incubation time for this thing is, though. But considering that Sweet Pea has been sick since Monday, I'm thinking we *might* be okay. Seems like 3 days is the usual incubation period. Here's hoping the rest of us skip this one!

Okay, shower time. I'm going to wash both girls. I washed The Bug yesterday too - I figure keeping her as clean as possible all over will help her stay healthy. Sweet Pea obviously needs a big bubbly bath. She did throw up in her hair more than once, poor thing, and she's probably kinda stinky too by now. I think she'll feel a ton better after having a bath. I always do after I've been sick.

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