Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pregnancy dreams

During my pregnancy with Miss Thing I had a wild dream in which she was born, opened her mouth to nurse, and before she latched on I noticed that she had vampire fangs...

Last week's dream, second pregnancy:
We were at a checkup with the midwife and she said, "oh, there's something wrong. Despite what the ultrasound says, you actually ARE having twins, and they won't be done at the same time. So what you'll have to do is give birth to the first one, who is due around the due date we've been working with, and then you'll have to stay in labor for 7 more days until the second twin is ready."


The midwife said, "oh, you can do it - you'll be fine."

I said, "no, three days of labor with Miss Thing nearly killed me. I cannot do seven days of labor!"

That was it - I either woke up or moved onto another dream at that point.

Scary stuff! But I don't think it had anything to with my pregnancy itself - more to do with being scared about having two kids, and raising them alone in large part, since the hubby is at work so much.

Our prentatal appointment went well yesterday, I passed my glucose screen with flying colors, and all is well. My hips are killing me. Today I'm going to do more than just look up a pregnancy yoga video online - I'm going to actually ORDER one! Go, me!

The kitchen sink isn't so shiny anymore... I seem to have lost what routines I had while I was away from home last week. But the dishes are still mostly clean. After breakfast today (blueberry muffins & Ovaltine - yum - the timer just went off for the muffins), Miss Thing and I will have a Dishes & Fishes wash. She "helped" me cook the muffins by playing with measuring cups and her squirty fishies in a bowl of flour. Yep, she's kinda dusty and white now.

Gotta go get those muffins out of the oven -


Stahl family said...

Gotta just LOVE those pregnancy dreams! :)

Violet the Verbose said...

No kidding! They're always nice and weird.

Lori said...

I'm one of those people who dreamed of having kids forever... I've always wanted a family of my own from the time I was in my early teens. But I guess I always was worried about it too because all my pregnancy/kids dreams before I had Faith involved a deformity of some kind in EVERY pregnancy. Such freaky things I wouldn't even want to describe.. but after Faith was born, those dreams have stopped.