Friday, March 10, 2006


I've been trying to come up with better names to use for Miss Thing and Daddy/Hubby and me. Still can't think of anything great for myself, but I hereby change the following:

Henceforth "Daddy" or "Hubby" shall be known as SLIPSHOD. This is not a personal comment, after all I love the guy and am bearing his children! This is a name he uses often online.

Henceforth "Miss Thing" shall be known as SWEET PEA, which is what her daddy calls her all the time. I do, too, but lately she tells me, "no, *Daddy* calls me Sweet Pea. I'm your *sweetie.*" ha ha ha! Sheesh.

Not much going on around here today. Grey day. More rain just started. Cleaned out the fridge after breakfast (feeling GREAT about that - geez, did it need it) and kept up with the dishes after the meal & cleaning out the fridge. Yay. Small victories make me happy. The poor cats are begging for food and we do not have any cat food or tuna. They don't eat people food in general, and what with the rampant vegetarianism going on around here, we don't have things like lunch meat to even try on them. So they're just going to have to wait until Sweet Pea takes a nap, I take a shower, we eat lunch, and the two of us can get out to the pet store and back. I think they'll survive, I just hope that the furniture will, too.

Last week I really did write something that was NOT about me or our household, but in the process of editing and stuff I deleted it. May try again later today if possible. I really do have interests outside the house and family. Hee.


Stahl family said...

Is there a particular reason for the renaming? It seems after your last post, Miss Thing is pretty appropriate! :-)

Violet the Verbose said...

I dunno... Miss Thing always struck me as a little too sassy or something. ha ha!