Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Belly of a Whale

No, we're not having a boy and naming him Jonah. But I sure am feeling HUGE these days! And I still have 10 weeks (as of tomorrow) to go. ONLY 10 WEEKS! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! This pregnancy has gone by so quickly. We have SO much to do still. But don't let my nesting obsession distract you from the pictures. ha ha. I was thinking of posting some big belly photos last week and then Julie mentioned that she'd like to see how big I am, and I realized that I think most of my readership is in So. Cal. so pictures are the only way you'll be seeing this anyway - so here ya go!

I am huge. HUGE, I tell you.

Sometimes I accidentally knock Sweet Pea off balance with my belly by bonking her in the head. Poor thing. LOL! I'm just not used to the space issues of having a bigger belly - don't think I'm that close to her when I accidentally bonk her.

Weird thing is that even though I've done this before, I can't believe I'm going to get bigger. I'm starting to fear that this baby is going to be Sweet Pea's current size when she comes out! YIKES!

I was horrified to see how exhausted I look in this picture. I haven't beel sleeping well since I was about 20 weeks pregnant due to hip pain, but also the night before these pictures were taken I only got about 3.5 hours of sleep due to this cold that won't go away. I woke up at 3am for a potty break and then couldn't stop coughing when I went back to bed. UGH! I called the doctor yesterday and he said that Robitussin DM is okay to take while pregnant, so I'm taking that at bedtime now and if I wake up in the middle of the night. It helps some, but I'm still initially coughing up a lung whenever I lie down. Bleh. But thankfully I have had more sleep every night since this picture was taken (Sunday).


Lori said...

I don't know how big Fiona was at birth but Faith was 9 lbs. And boy was I huge with her! Mika was only 7.5 lbs so I never was as big as I was with Faith. I remember holding Faith after she was born and held her against my tummy -- and thinking -- "I STILL don't see how you could have fit in there!" It's amazing what our bodies can hold huh? Hope you get good sleep in the weeks before her birth. I took Robitussin DM during my pregnancy with Mika too -- the pill form that supposed to work 8 hrs -- it worked wonderfully for me.

daniela said...

you look fantastic! Thanks for posting. Hope to see you before little sprout arrives (it's been so long!). Hope you get more sleep and just overall comfort (ok, as much as you can at this stage forward..).

The Pizzitola Family said...

You don't look like a whale...more like a dolphin! You look great, so does fiona! I gained 63 pounds w/Rebecca and she was 9 3.2 when she was born-talk about a whale! Thanks for posting!

Queen of Spain said...

Can I Just say how much more I like those photos than the photos in the last post???