Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Preparing for Baby

While I'm in labor, Sweet Pea will be taken care of by her paternal grandma. She sees them (that grandma and Boopa, as we call him) every couple weekends and is very attached to them. They came over as usual this past Saturday. We had been talking about how we don't know what Sweet Pea will want to do while I'm in labor, whether or not she'll want to stay and watch or what, so we decided that she should try outings with Grandma and Boopa. So Saturday they took her out for an "adventure" in their car. She was all excited and climbed right up into the car and into her car seat once Slipshod had it attached in their back seat.

She came home a short while later with a soft toy and a teether for the baby, a soft toy for herself (it is undeniably a bear, but she insists that it's a kitty - LOL), and a new outfit. Grandma says they WILL take at least one outing before June that does not involve Sweet Pea coming home with new things they've just bought for her... ha ha ha! That lady sure loves to shop.

I don't know if we'll get this far, but if we can we may try a trip to Grandma and Boopa's house for Sweet Pea before labor. We've been telling her that if she wants to leave while I'm in labor and go to their house, even spend the night, she's welcome to do that. So far (still) only I can put her to bed and naps without a screaming fit, though, so we'll see... but everyone keeps telling me how adaptable kids are and I know that she is very aware when something different is going on. She has adapted very well over the past couple years when I've been sick enough not to be able to take care of her in the usual ways, so I imagine she'll be fine during labor. I sort of hope she can handle being here to see her baby sister actually born, but we won't know until the time comes whether or not she wants to do that.

Speaking of the baby, she's doing fine. She really knows EXACTLY where my bladder is and frequently pushes her entire body into it, and sometimes just kicks her little feet right into it. Eep! But she's moving and rolling all the time, kicking away and apparently having a good time in there. This evening we have a prenatal appointment and now we're going from one appointment per month to seeing the midwives every two weeks. Yahoo!

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Queen of Spain said...

Those grandparents and their spoiling! It was nothing but toy and sugar city for awhile over here!