Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yay! Sharing!

Miss Thing is talking about the baby more and more often now, and wants to share her toys with her little sister. I think she may be getting impatient for the baby to come out (it's okay, baby, you stay in there until you're good and done!). She has actually told me in past weeks, "the baby needs to come out so I can play with her.

This morning Miss Thing told me when she woke up, "I'm going to share my fishies (little squirty bath toys) with the baby." We talked about it for a while while she had her little hand on my belly feeling the baby kick. Then we got up, and Miss Thing put three of her fishies down my nightshirt so the baby could play with them! LOL!

I can't believe I'll be 28 weeks pregnant this week. I feel like we're running out of time. So much to do - we need to go through all the rest of our stuff we've accumulated here over the past 8 years, do some painting (once again I don't have to help with that, due to being pregnant... hee hee...), pack up stuff that doesn't look good or takes up too much space and take it to storage, replace light fixtures, do a few repairs... all before the baby is born. We're talking about putting the house on the market just two months after she's born. Whee... we'll see how it goes.

For now, I've managed *once again* to get the kitchen back in order after last week's trip out of town, and I'm trying to catch up with the laundry. Once those two things are under control, I can move on to the "hot spots" - the futon by the front door, and the dining room table, and continue from there.

There should be ample opportunity for inside projects today, since it's raining again.


Queen of Spain said...

Oooh. Cute. Jack was totally into the baby-UNTIL she came out. :)

Stahl family said...

Gotta love that 2-yr old mind! Fishes down your shirt...love it!