Thursday, March 16, 2006

More fun

Okay, first the not so much fun part: I really am sick now. Ugh. Not sure about Sweet Pea, she says her throat doesn't hurt but I can't tell for sure, and she woke up with a very stuffy nose. I've got a VERY sore throat and some nose issues. Urgh. Thankfully, Slipshod will be home early this evening after a doctor's appointment.

Here are a couple more funny pix of Sweet Pea that Blogger wouldn't let me post yesterday (I guess there's a limit):

She had SO much fun in the laundry basket!

Even folded herself in half and watched TV that way - ha ha!


The Pizzitola Family said...

Man...she is getting sooo big! I wished there were some pictures of you so I can see how pregnant you are. I can't believe how far a long you are!

Stahl family said...

It's clear from all these pictures that you dont' make it to playgroup because y'all are WAY too busy having fun at home without us! :)