Monday, March 13, 2006

Exasperation with Exacerbation

Let me tell you why Slipshod is not getting any better from this bug he brought home. Today he decided to stay home from work, since his health did not improve over the weekend. Here is how his "sick day" went:

Let's begin last night. He knew that he felt too yucky to go to work today, so he powered up his laptop and stayed up for a while answering e-mail in an attempt to take care of a few things before not going into work today.

Monday (this) morning:
6:15am East Coast call on the pager (being in Tech Support sucks...)
9:00am Conference call #1
11:00am Conference call #2
12:00pm Conference call #3
sometime after that - Conference call #4
Then he napped for an hour and a half or so.
4pmish Awakened by another call from work

Since then, he's been working on his laptop.

And he's supposed to get better WHEN? Unfortunately, this is also how the vacation time he takes when the baby's born might go as well - though I think he'll at least not be doing conference calls then. But we'll be home, so they'll never leave him totally alone. I am thinking of telling the company now that whenever they call him on his time off after the baby comes, his 2 weeks starts over from the END of each call. Bastards.

I think I also forgot to mention in my earlier post that through all of this joyous illness we've got going on here (it's really not that bad in terms of coughs, sneezes, snot, or any of that - just lots of exhaustion and some throat/voice weirdness), the baby has decided that she is going to try alternate torture/escape techniques. Namely, sticking her foot through my bladder, and trying to escape out the front of my belly. Whee!

But after I did finally get a body shower today (my hair is another story, but at least I don't smell anymore!), I have felt a lot better, and the baby hasn't tried to escape yet today. ha ha! Poor Slipshod still feels pretty crappy, but he thinks he may actually be starting to recover. Here's hoping! He always holds onto these bugs longer than I do; partially because he works through them which gives him less rest time to recover, and also partially because I hardly ever get any illness as badly as he does. Our doctor said in all seriousness that women, especially moms, are almost always tougher than the rest of the family when it comes to getting sick. Apparently we usually stay healthier, or get over things more quickly. I've never been able to tell if that's the truth, or if it's just that we don't complain as much when we're sick as men and children do. :o)

***The work continues... Slipshod received a pager call at 9pm and is still waiting for the problem to wrap up (waiting for the guy to call back and tell him whether or not what he suggested fixed the problem). It is now 11pm. I did mention to him what I wrote about his two weeks of post-baby vacation restarting after each phone call from work. He said, "no, but I don't intend to answer the phone much during that time either." Darn. I was hoping he'd end up home for a month or more. Hee hee.

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Stahl family said...

Sounds like you are all feeling a bit better. I don't know about what your doc was telling you but around here I get sicker and stay that way longer than my husband but I think the reason is because when he gets sick he stays home and sleeps for a day and a half and then leaves me to take care of the house, dogs, kids, myself, (him),etc while I am still sick. And, because I get no rest, I stay sick longer.