Monday, March 06, 2006

Home again home again, jiggety jig

I hereby swear off partial family trips for a couple more years (or longer - maybe five years). By "partial," I mean just me and Miss Thing with no Daddy along. Ugh. Our visit out-of-town actually went very well, but getting home was an entirely different issue. Miss Thing did not want to leave Grandma and Grandpa's house. Once I finally got her into her car seat and started driving she fell asleep for an hour, which was great, but then we got stuck in traffic behind a car accident and when I had to stop the car in traffic, she woke up. She begged me to let her out of her car seat. I considered letting her out and taking a little walk once we got off the freeway to drive through town to the next freeway. But then I thought, "what if I can't get her back into her car seat?" So I asked if she had a poopy diaper or was uncomfortable and she said "no," so we kept on driving. The rest of the way home was a concert of whining and crying and begging to be let out.

So, that's it. No more two-hour-away visits with just the two of us for a while.

However, our visit itself went very well. Miss Thing had a fantastic time with her grandparents and her Auntie who was visiting from out-of-state, who spent most of our visit on *her* hands and knees so she could play kitty cat with Miss Thing. ha ha!

Strangely, Miss Thing's favorite toy (a small squirty toy in the shape of a fish, which she has named after one of her grandmas) made it through the whole visit AND HOME just fine, but since that evening we have NO idea where it is. At least we know it's at home somewhere. I checked in the sandbox when we were out in the back yard today, and instead I found kitty presents... Daddy took Miss Thing out one day a few weeks ago and then left her toys out over two nights. Apparently the sandbox was open that whole time too. YUCK!

Although, when I think about it, the sandbox I had as a kid didn't have a cover - I'll bet we fished all kinds of nasty cat crap out of there on a regular basis. Ha ha - ewwww.

Last week I did purchase a prenatal yoga video, and tried to do some of it a bit ago, but Miss Thing got a little crazy throwing her toys around after a while. It's lunchtime anyway, and then naptime, so I stopped and turned it off for now. But those stretches felt AWESOME! YAY! Also, our midwife's assistant suggested at our last appointment that I could try taking Calcium/Magnesium to help with the hip pains, and although my pains seem more structural than muscular, I do think that the Cal/Mag is helping a bit. So maybe some of the problem is muscular. Anyway, I got three decent nights of sleep in a row after starting to take it, which was amazing. Last night totally sucked sleep-wise, but I think that may have had to do with only taking 1/3 of the recommended Cal/Mag dosage yesterday.

Here's hoping we get back on track around here today. I'm also going to work out a schedule/routine for us so we start having better, more structured days. I think that will help with a number of issues we have throughout the day. Okay, lunchtime.

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Queen of Spain said...

I fear our first long car trip. FEAAAAAAAAR!