Friday, February 17, 2006


Can't... function... so... tired... someone PLEASE raise my toddler while I sleep for the rest of my pregnancy! >whimper<

Well, I did finally get a shower - at 3pm. More nap madness today - Miss Thing flapped and flopped around and licked her "kitty paws" and did other silly things that were NOT SLEEPING for an hour and a half. I told her that if she wasn't asleep by 3pm she was not allowed to take a nap today, and Daddy would put her to bed early tonight. Unfortunately anybody but me putting her to bed is the end of the world to her, so while I'm just looking for some goddam time away from her, she feels she is being punished. Which I guess isn't all bad. I've been reminding and explaining to her all day about the bedtime thing, "because you didn't take a nap," etc. She insists that I am going to put her to bed. This is going to suck. Actually, what might be worse is that her daddy might not be here in time to put her to bed. Work is yet again crazy for him today.

Uh.... um... okay, I just realized it was too quiet and looked next to the couch where Miss Thing had been sitting watching TV. Didn't see her. Got up, walked around to look next to the couch. She's asleep on the floor. Shit! 5pm nap BAD! Goddam it, today sucks.

Well, the good news is that today she yet again got a rash from not wanting a diaper change when she had a poopy diaper, and this time when we finally changed it and she complained about the rash, she HEARD me when I explained WHY she got the rash, and really thought about it when I reminded her of how clean and non-rashy her bum was when she was using the potty instead of diapers. After that she wanted to sit on her potty, eventually peed in it, and is now wearing big girl training pants again. Hooray!

Now - what do I do with her? Wake her up and make her stay awake for another hour before putting her to bed? Put her in bed? Leave her on the floor?


Queen of Spain said...

I'd say you let her sleep for half hour, 40 minutes, then wake her. No other choice really.

What happened?

and who has kids that just pass out on the floor? None of mine ever do that...

Violet the Verbose said...

As it turned out, she woke up half an hour later when I called her grandma close to tears... yesterday was a hard day. Anyway, she woke up, sat up, staggered over to me, falling down a couple times on the way, hugged me, and took a long time to really "come to." Then we ate dinner, gave her a bath and eventually went to bed.

She has NEVER passed out on the floor like that before - I didn't think that was possible for her. But that behavior does run in her dad's family. On both sides. Her dad was reportedly the most talented at it - could sleep *anywhere.* He used to take naps under his parents' table at flea markets on the weekends.

She was just too darn tired from skipping that nap earlier in the day, I guess.

Lori said...

Faith hasn't done it for a long time, but when she was much younger, sometimes she'd be so tired she'd fall asleep while being fed at her feeding table! When I babysat a 3 yr old one time, it was around 5pm or so and she hadn't napped for the day either. She wanted a snack so I put her in her high chair, gave her a small snack and milk and next thing I know, she's fallen asleep with her milk in her hands!