Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spoke too soon

Did I say that Miss Thing was potty training with great results? Well, it *was* true for about a week. However, last Thursday or so she decided that she wanted nothing at all to do with the potty and whenever we asked her about sitting on it she would say, "no." Now she is back in diapers and is happy to be there. Even laying still for the most part, on her changing table, for diaper changes. This is not how the reverse psychology of putting her back in diapers was supposed to work. Hrmf. Oh well... I am often reminded that they do all learn... eventually. She will come back to it some day, hopefully soon.

FLYing continues with good results. The kitchen is clean pretty much all the time now and I even dry the sink between daytime uses so it stays shiny - love it! I've done such a faboo job of catching up with the laundry that today there is nary a dirty load to be found. Wahoo!

Dishes wouldn't have been so easy over the weekend if Mom hadn't been here. Since she was here I cooked a lot more than usual, thereby dirtying more dishes than usual. But she washed a lot of them for me and by Sunday I had the kitchen under MY control again (meaning, she didn't have to wash any even though she was still here until halfway through Monday).

Now, if we could just get a freakin' routine going that would get me a shower much earlier in the day, without struggle from the little one...

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