Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hoo freakin' ray

Well, it's a good morning. Despite the lack of decent sleep. Miss Thing insisted on wearing just a thin, short-sleeved shirt and diaper to bed last night (oh, and socks - at least she likes those) and then kept kicking off her covers. The result was that she pretty much tried to burrow under me all night long to keep warm, which was pretty annoying. This morning we had a talk about how she WILL wear long sleeves and long pants to bed from now on. The nights have been so cold lately that I'm even considering trying to find some fleecy "bunny suits" to keep her warm, although I imagine that by the time I found the right size, got them washed and made her wear them, the weather would be warm again. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, we got up early and Miss Thing, who awoke with a clean, dry diaper, wanted to sit on her potty first thing. I convinced her that it was a GREAT idea for her to do that in the bathroom and read books, play with her bath toys, whatever, while I took a shower. So, while I was getting an early shower, she had a VERY successful morning on her potty. I'm no longer worried about her for the non pooping issue, hooray!

I know I talk about the potty a lot - my mother-in-law has accused me of becoming "a real potty mouth" these days. ha ha! But hey, this is what's going on around here, and it's pretty significant when you're at the stage where we are. I have to think of it more than I'd even like because I want to TRY to save the carpet when I can.

Anyway, toodleoo for a couple days; Miss Thing and I are going to visit her auntie and uncle.

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