Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hubby made me do it

This morning there are dirty dishes on the kitchen counter and my sink is not shiny. Miss Thing had a late bedtime last night and then hubby made me watch "Lost" with him and eat Godiva truffles. He's so mean. hee hee. And sleep? What's that? This pregnancy I've been unable to get good sleep since the middle of it. And I'm only just past the middle. Ugh! I need a fairy godmother or something.

Miss Thing looks at the picture below, of her decorating cookies, and every time she says, "look, it's me, making a big mess on the kitchen table." ha ha! Her daddy and my sister think she has OCD. She *is* very interested in cleanliness and order. I'm convinced it's just a good personality trait, nothing more.

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Queen of Spain said...

I'm totally convinced all toddlers have OCD. Seriously.