Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Whine With Your Cheese?

I'm sorry if I use my blog to gripe a lot. But this is how my day went today:

Awaken after actually getting a good amount of sleep for me (6-7 hours in a row!).

Slipshod gets up, showers, etc., goes to work.

Baby's awake - bring her in bed to nurse.

Baby falls asleep.

Toddler wakes up. (I swear they plan this the night before.)

Get up with toddler, prepare to shower while baby sleeps. Feeling good at this point, like maybe we can get out to the grocery store, which we desperately need to visit, before toddler's nap, because she slept well and long and won't need a nap until 2pm.

Baby wakes up by the time we're done with morning potty, so I decide to put shower off until after breakfast.

Start load of laundry before going to kitchen.

Take both girls downstairs and make and eat breakfast.

Nurse baby again.

Baby falls asleep.

Before can take baby upstairs to crib, toddler needs to use potty again, and although she is fully capable of doing everything but wiping by herself, she HAS to have me present for the whole production.

As a result of the constant toddler chatter, baby wakes up.

Play with kids.

Eat snack with toddler who asks for a sandwich.

Nurse baby. Baby falls asleep. Take baby to crib. Get her in crib. Toddler and cat come upstairs and talk/meow loudly and wake baby up.

Take everyone back downstairs.


Take kids upstairs for nap.

Both kids FINALLY fall asleep. This is at 3pm.

Send a couple e-mails, talk with hubby on phone, take a shower WAY later than usual (which means that I haven't been a pleasant person to be around for the past couple hours because I get super cranky if my shower gets put off 'til the afternoon).

Baby wakes up.

Toddler wakes up.

Try to feed toddler and self lunch while nursing baby - toddler runs amok instead. Sit and feed self and baby, anyway.

Try to get toddler to eat and get dressed so we can go grocery shopping. Mind you, it's about 5pm by now.

Toddler takes hours to eat an apple and a couple other things, puts her underwear on backwards about six times in a row, pretends not to know how to put on a sock, refuses dress I picked out for her. All very cheerfully, mind you, assuring me that we still have plenty of time to get to the store before bedtime.

Meanwhile, outside, the sun goes down.

Give up on grocery shopping for today.

Call hubby, ask if he's coming home soon, ask him to bring dinner.

While on phone with hubby, put baby in crib and carry heavy bag of soiled diapers downstairs to put out front for the diaper service to pick up. On the way down the stairs, FALL DOWN THE STAIRS on back.

Start another load of laundry, take baby back downstairs, put her in baby gym, give up, and turn on a movie, leaving kids in the living room, and go whine on blog.

My back and head and legs feel all weird and I just want to cry. Ugh. But that's what the baby's doing now, so off I go...

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Christina said...

I've fallen down the stairs far too many times to count, so I understand that weird feeling in your back and legs. It sucks.

Of course, now I'm getting nervous about having this second baby. I worry I'll only have days like the one you described. :)