Saturday, October 28, 2006

Free Giveaway

Does anybody want most of a package of size 5 Pampers diapers, most of a package of princess-themed Huggies pull-ups (the kind that get cold when the kid pees in them) , and three pairs of 4T Thomas the Tank Engine underwear?

When we went to pick out underwear Sweet Pea chose Hello Kitty (that was a given) and Thomas. I didn't explain to her that the Thomas ones were for boys because I thought she should be able to have Thomas undies too, if she wanted them. But when we took them out of the package and washed them when we got home, she looked and looked at that funny "pocket" in the front... she never asked me about it, but once she saw that she didn't want to wear them.

Why don't they make Thomas undies for girls? And why do the boys undies have those stupid little "pockets," anyway? Do toddler boys already pee standing up? Really?

She sure is happy with her Hello Kitty big girl panties, though! She had a little bit of an accident this morning - didn't quite get her panties off and her bum onto the potty in time - but way most of it got into the potty because she realized in time to get to the bathroom and get her hands on the toilet lid before anything slipped out. This following TWO ENTIRE WEEKS with zero accidents. YEAH!


Stahl family said...

I'll take those size 5's if you still have em. We can come up and see you guys maybe next week....this week we are sporting colds.

BUT!! You hafta hafta hafta hafta tell me the secret to potty training....Jayden REFUSES!!!!!! I'm so frustrated!

Lori said...

Yay Sweet Pea!

Violet the Verbose said...

This is weird. I wrote and published that over a week ago but it just went up today... Anyway, Lynda, you are welcome to the diapers and I'll love to see you and the kids when you can make it and your colds are gone. Lots of well wishes to you this week!

Violet the Verbose said...

Oh yeah - and the secret for Sweet Pea to potty training was just what I kept reading... wait until they're ready. She was just finally ready. I really didn't do much at all to help things along, especially since she decided she was ready during all of our double-move upheaval and the last thing I was about to do during all that crap was try to get her on the potty. I still wonder if the move helped things along, though - like maybe she thought, "we're living in a different house now, I think I'll try something new." ha ha!

Queen of Spain said...

Yes. The boy pees standing. It goes EVERYWHERE...but he stands.

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, are little boys' briefs made with that pocket? I have a little boy, and he will not be peeing standing up until he is totally trained for a good six months. At least that's the plan.
Why are girl's briefs made with that flimsy cotton when the boys are made with sturdier knit? They both need the absorbency.
Yea Sweetpea!