Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Need Some Answers, People.

Why are both of my children refusing to nap today? Why was I unable to do anything but laugh when they kept each other awake at naptime? Was it because Sweet Pea is so great with her little sister, nibbling on her fingers and giving her kisses, and The Bug laughing and squealing and reaching for her sister in return?

Why are we still live TV-less after living here for 3 weeks?

Will I go crazy if I actually finish watching Van Helsing? (I'm down to the last few things I haven't watched on the Tivo - that was one thing that the Tivo recorded for us without us asking...)

How many times can a person watch Finding Nemo before one has a nervous breakdown?

Where the hell is my husband every night at dinnertime, bathtime, and bedtime?

Can I hire a look-alike to play Daddy in the evenings? Or make a clone?

When will I be able to use my car again? It's currently back seat-less (therefore rendering it child seatless) and full of crap.

Can I have some ice cream?

**Note: I did not realize that the last post had worked - Blogger had given me reason to think I'd lost it and I thought that was just fine, but since it actually went through I'll leave it. But sorry for the repetition.

Also, while I was writing my list of questions, The Bug, on her play mat in the other room, rolled over for the first time (there was that time a couple weekends ago but it happened as I was setting her in her crib so I think I may have rolled her)...


Stahl family said...

Don't think I can attack that list of questions quite fully, but I feel your pain, Sister! My kids routinely fight naps; insist on watching the same show over and over and over and over...(by the way, I think the answer to how many times can you watch Finding Nemo is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000)

Hubby also works late hours. Not nearly the same insanity of yours, but the rolling out of bed in the AM is usually a fight and then coming home is usually after the baby is in bed and just in time for her brother to hit the sack too. Maybe we should plan a day next week for me to come up to see you around that time of the day and then the kids can wear eachother out! :)

Queen of Spain said...

Eventually, Nemo becomes much less annoying than other choices. Trust me. I swear.