Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Pronounced "Big BooTAY."

Well, dammit, yesterday I took the plunge and tried to wear non-maternity clothes. The belly's down quite a bit (though I sure hope it goes down a bit more before stopping...) so I figured it might be safe. I have some shorts that are made for women whose waists are the same size as their hips, and since I actually have a waist I figured my belly would fit into the extra room up there in the shorts.

The problem was not my belly. It was my huge ass and hips. AUGH! At that point my mood took a nose dive that lasted for at least an hour. I do realize that I spent most of this pregnancy sitting on the couch eating ice cream, whereas the first time around I was cooking and eating healthy vegan meals every day and working out at the gym six days per week for at least the first two trimesters. But I gained the same amount this pregnancy as I did the last, and talked myself into believing that the weight was all in my belly, even though I did notice my bootie getting that "pregnant ass" look this time around. I guess I'll have to start doing some exercise... not that I wasn't planning to anyway, I'm just bummed that I can't just improve on what's there, rather than having to work out in order to fit into my regular clothes in the first place!

So here I am, stuck in my huge maternity clothes until further notice. I can't imagine taking both the girls clothes shopping, especially since I'd have to try things on. But I guess I could do that next week when Auntie comes to visit and she could run around with Sweet Pea while I tried things on. Maybe we'll do that. Yesterday I had a checkup with one of our midwives and she said that I am healing up very well and can start exercising. I can now sit cross-legged and move around as I please without worry of pulling out my two little stitches, and the skin is healed back together. Her recommendation on the clothing was to buy a couple pretty things that make me feel good so that I have a couple nice things to wear during this bodily transition period.

Oop - Petal is calling. Poor thing was having a nice nap in the baby swing and then our more annoying feline went and rubbed against the swing and it stopped moving and the baby woke up. Grr.


Stahl family said...

Let me know if you think you might want the name of my trainer. He will come to you, bring all his own equipment, build up your strength, and all in the comfort of your own home! :)

Christina said...

I can still wear my maternity clothes, and I'm 21 months post-partum! :)

Actually, I'm signing up for a gym membership this week so I can get to work on all this extra weight. Otherwise my old clothing will be completely out of style by the time I'm able to wear it again.