Sunday, July 02, 2006

Smarty Pants

Well Sweet Pea may not be potty training, but three days ago she started to WRITE! As in, LETTERS! She has known her alphabet since before she was 2 and for the past many months has been working on learning what words start with what letters. She now tells me every day that her cats' names start with C and L, and that Daddy starts with D, Mommy starts with M, etc. So, the other day she announced to me that she was going to write a T, an I, and a C, and then she did just that! Color me amazed. And proud, obviously. ha ha! Since then she has demonstrated her new skill for her daddy and her grandma, and is having a great time with the letters. Sweet!

Since she is just starting out (and possibly also because she's left-handed and learning from a right-handed mama) some non-symmetrical letters come out backwards, and when she's writing her cat Lois' name (she hasn't tried any other words yet) she'll put the L on the right side of the page, backward, then the I, then put an O in between and skip the S altogether - but daggone, people, she's WRITING! Wahoo! :o) :oD


Queen of Spain said...

Ok, that's amazing. Let's book her on Leno.

Christina said...

Yay! What a smart one you've got there!

Mine doesn't know much about letters, but she can count to 10. I guess they all pick something to focus on. :)

Violet the Verbose said...

Yeah, I noticed other kids getting really good at the physical stuff way earlier than Sweet Pea. She still holds on tightly to the door jamb or me when going down the one step out of the front door or getting from the sidewalk to the street, etc. Meanwhile she was learning to speak in complete sentences and stuff like that. I guess you focus wherever makes the most sense for you and then move on from there and eventually you get it all done? ha ha!

Lori said...

cool! Yay for Sweet Pea!

Her Bad Mother said...

That's fantastic! Almost as exciting - maybe AS exciting - as speaking.

Who cares about the potty when you have burgeoning literary genius?

The Pizzitola Family said...

Rebecca does the same thing...she's left handed too. She can write her name, but sometime it's completely backwards. It's nice to hear your left is doing the same things, I was beginning to think Becca was dislexic or something. Maybe it is just a lefty learning from a righty.
It's good to see your doing so well with 2 kiddos now. Keep up the good the pictures you post.