Monday, June 05, 2006

Uh... okay, stand by.

Hi there,

This time it's me again. I just read Slipshod's post below from last night and got a giggle about the way he wrote some things.

Sweet Pea appears to be better today - her temperature is all the way back to normal and she is talking and playing and actually EATING a little bit. But we're still taking her to see the doctor at 11am. And we gave her a dose of medicine after we got up and her temp was normal - don't want to have a repeat of yesterday!

As for labor, dude, I have no idea what's going on. I had contractions throughout the night and my belly is sore but I was also able to get decent sleep, which is great. Found that setting an alarm for Sweet Pea's medicine times helped me to sleep much more restfully between doses (the past two nights I figured I'd be getting up to pee anyway, so I'd be awake at the right times - but my potty breaks didn't actually mesh with medicine times most of the night).

Anyway - I am still having contractions every time I move and they feel stronger than Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing else is going on, and they're not regular. This morning Slipshod suggested that perhaps my mind is holding off labor until I'm sure that Sweet Pea is out of the woods. When I spoke with one of our midwives this morning, she said the same thing and suggested that maybe when we've been to the doctor and I'm feeling better about Sweet Pea's illness, maybe I'll let go and let labor begin. But she also said, "just play, go for walks, have a great day and don't think about it. It's not a mind game."

I was kinda grumpy when I woke up because I kinda feel like, "okay, if I'm in labor, let's get going and get it over with." Oh well. The baby's moving a lot, which is reportedly good. Stay tuned for further developments.

An amusing anecdote from this morning: Slipshod's cell phone rang in a weird phone-sounding way, and Sweet Pea asked me what that noise was. I told her that it was Daddy's phone and she said, "no, it's the baby! It's her voice!" ha ha ha! Geez, I hope not.

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I had a dream about the baby.

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