Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby watch begins...

This is Slipshod, guest-posting for the laboring Mama. She's been having contractions for a couple of hours now, though they are not regular nor frequent. They are reported as being "stronger than a BH" and "Oh yeah, that's a contraction."
We've let the Midwives and Dula know, and are settling down for the night to get some rest. Unfortunately the big sister came down with something evil on Friday, and is fighting off a fever that got quite high today (praise be to Motrin and Tylenol, for in their glory we find salvation from fever). Got a bit excited when it went higher than 103F, though the advice nurse talked me down. Appearantly as long as she's not _actively_ exhibiting signs of brain damage it's no big deal. Or something like that. It sounded good at the time anyway, and after the Tylenol she started acting like herself again. So looks like we're continuing the medication rotation (or the analgesic shuffle if you prefer) tonight to make sure this thing is banished. Grandma may end up taking her to the Doctor tomorrow if we're "otherwise occupied".
Anyway looks like tonight/tomorrow could be a long day. Keep us in your thoughts and wish the Mama a short and complication-free birth. We're both eagerly awaiting the new addition to the family - even though we don't know her name yet. Maybe we should talk about that sometime, it might be important.


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