Saturday, June 03, 2006


Okay, first night in new bed not as deliriously wonderful as I was hoping it would be.

Sweet Pea has adopted a very annoying habit of whining lately, which we're trying to break her of. She was whining during dinner last night and wanted me to keep my arm around her while I was trying to eat (yeah, the one with the hand on it that I was using to get the food to my face). She hardly ate all day long, and wasn't opening her mouth all the way at dinner even when I tried to feed her. She didn't want to drink. We told her that if she was too tired, we could just take her to bed. She chose that option. That should have been a tip-off that something was wrong, but I just put her to bed and we didn't think too much of it.

When I got into bed hours later and touched her naked back, my hand practically burned off! I told myself that she was just hot because she had a sheet and light blanket on. I pulled down the covers and waited for her to cool off. But she didn't. And her breath seemed to be coming too quickly. So I finally asked Slipshod to get the thermometer and a cup of water. He did, and the thermometer did its job and started beeping frantically within seconds. It read, "102.7." YIKES! Sweet Pea did not want more than two sips of water. We gave her Motrin and all went back to sleep.

I kept waking up to feel her skin to make sure she wasn't burning anymore. I kept waking up to make trips to the bathroom to relieve my poor squished bladder. I kept waking up because I was really hot, even though I wasn't sleeping with any covers on (this is not new - it's a nightly occurrence while I'm pregnant; doesn't matter how cool or warm it is in the house). I worried about Sweet Pea, but also about whether or not I will get sick from her, which is particularly frightening to me since I'm due NOW and need whatever strength I have for labor.

Her skin cooled down pretty quickly after we gave her the Motrin, and did not heat up to burning again during the night. Her temperature is still around 100 this morning, but we can deal with that. She is acting normal and says she feels fine. Hopefully she'll eat. And she is drinking today - hooray! She loves popsicles so if she stops drinking again later I'll give her a couple of those to get some liquid into her. Actually, I think I have some homemade ones in the freezer that I made with Pedialite.

As for the bed, it was so nice that all three of us could be in there together, and having another body in bed bought me some space! Sweet Pea started sleeping RIGHT up against me during the winter and never stopped, and that can be difficult to deal with when I'm getting up multiple times at night, not to mention trying to turn my whale-sized body over several times during the night. Last night she rolled over and magnetized herself to Slipshod, and I had all kinds of room! I don't know how well he slept because he was crammed over all the way to his side, I think, and was probably trying not to squish her. But I'll tell you what, he got plenty of sleep for the many hours I had to listen to him snoring. I forgot to mention that on my list of reasons I kept waking up. Ugh. Gotta get used to his night noises again.

And no, I'm still not in labor. Stay tuned!

**** Note 4.5 hours after waking: My throat hurts and is slightly red. Sweet Pea is still not eating, except for popsicles. I'm guessing her throat hurts too. I gave her some Kids Chloraseptic spray a half hour ago. Her temperature is back up slightly past 102. AUGH! DAMMIT! We can't be sick right now! Especially me! But at least she is still acting normal and wanting to play. That makes me feel better about the fever. It's when she gets listless that I worry.

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The Pizzitola Family said...

OH no! Just keep thinking postive and hopefully you'll ward off that little bug. You can't be sick now...hold on baby-don't come yet!