Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pillow Talk and Pictures

Were you a fly on the wall in our bedroom last night you would have heard all manner of cute sentiments coming out of Sweet Pea's mouth. She was feeling quite talkative at bedtime and how can you tell a kid to stop talking when she's telling you and your husband how much she loves you both, and things she thinks she remembers from when she was a baby?

But Slipshod and I were thankful that the lights were out when the following conversation was uttered, so that we could laugh silently without her seeing us:

Sweet Pea: "This is my poopie hole."
Me: "Do you have your hand down your diaper?"
Sweet Pea: "No. I took it out."

And on that note, I change the subject entirely:

Nobody reading this will understand, but I have to say: Gheeeeee!
She's just so cute, isn't she? If I do say so myself... hee hee.

Sweet Pea looks so LONG! And she is... she's a tall girl. But dang, Mom was right - she looks amazingly huge next to her newborn sister.

I ask you this: Has there ever been a cuter swimsuit? EVER?

I thought this might make you laugh as much as it does me. This is one of Slipshod's cousins. We gave the hat, and a little dress that matches, to this man's niece (Slipshod's other cousin's daughter) for her birthday last weekend. It's definitely cuter on the toddler, but SO FUNNY on her uncle!


Christina said...

Too, too, cute. And my goodness the little one has a LOT of hair!

Stahl family said...

Isn't it AMAZING how big your toddler looks to you once you have a newborn next to them! Thanks for sharing the pics...they are great!

Violet the Verbose said...

Slipshod says that the first picture looks like I Photoshopped extra hair onto Petal's head, but I swear she really has that much! Mom and I looked at a baby picture of Sweet Pea last night, and she had that much at birth as well!

Tired Tunia said...

Congratulations, she is a cutie! We have the same John Lennon Imagine nursery pattern. My boy is gonna be 3 in a few months, he has started to tear off strips of the Imagine wallpaper border! He keeps saying how much he likes Batman and Spiderman, I think it is almost time to change his room...kinda makes me sad to lose that sweet nursery theme with the blue elephants and purple rhinos...