Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Violet's Postpartum Picks

The wee one has been sucking me dry all day. Yesterday I was engorged and had fountains of milk for her, but I guess I didn't drink enough because today I was all squishy all day and she just couldn't get enough of the boobs!

Anyway, I think she's asleep now - oh, nope, she's staring at the ceiling. Oh well. We'll see how much I can type here before she figures out I'm not holding her and she has a wet diaper. Everyone else is asleep and I really should be too, but I wanted to pop a little something up here that I've been thinking about.

It's a list of things that I find extremely useful and possibly even indispensable after having a baby. Enjoy!

FROZEN PADS - made with (1/4 cup per pad) witch hazel poured onto big, thick maxi pads and then frozen. SO awesome for a week or more after labor. Thayer's witch hazel with aloe vera smells really nice, too. Store brands - not so much.

DEPENDS - frickin' awesome for holding said frozen pads and keeping your clothes and furniture dry. Love 'em.

AFTER PAIN TINCTURE, SITZ BATH HERBS, and GOLDENSEAL ROOT POWDER from Herb Lore. Pam, who owns Herb Lore, is awesome, as are her products. The after pain tincture works instantly in my case to relieve uterine cramping pains after birth. The sitz bath herbs just kinda make things feel better down there, and give you an excuse to have to sit in the bath tub and relax after you have a baby. ha ha! The goldenseal root powder dries up the baby's cord stump very quickly and is an infection fighter. Good stuff!

Oops, that's all I have time for. Baby crying. Must change diaper and once again try to get her to sleep so I can get my sorry ass to bed.

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