Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back to Normal Around Here

Okay, I SO feel like the boy who cried "wolf!" Apparently this baby is not going to come until we totally ignore the fact that I'm still pregnant and just go back to life as usual. I'm sending Slipshod back to work today, and I'll go about my usual routine with Sweet Pea. Dirty dishes, here I come. ha ha!

Maybe the baby's waiting until we finally choose a name for her... Geez, I don't really think that's going to happen until she's born, though, so she'd better just come on out.

We have to go for a prenatal visit tonight. I don't want to be in the car, especially not on the narrow, winding Santa Cruz Mountain roads, particularly the one with speed bumps. ARGH... Oh well, maybe those will help things along.

Julie, you're right, I don't think I'll get to MNO tonight - ha ha. Would love to see you, but going out in the car sucks - and we'll probably be just coming home from our prenatal appointment around the time that you all are getting together.

On the plus side, all of this "gearing up" has gotten me to sleep a LOT more in the past couple days. I've taken naps with Sweet Pea and gone to bed with her at night, which means I've added 3 to 4 extra hours to my time in bed, and I'm feeling the good effects of that.

Sweet Pea is so difficult to wake up (gives me hope for her not waking when the baby does after she's born) that we opted not to give her her 1:30am dose of Tylenol. It was hard enough to wake her up for it at 5:30am! She is fine again today. I haven't taken her temperature but she's EATING, YAY, and drinking, which she has been doing pretty well all along except for a couple hours on the bad bad day.

Slipshod did a ton of work around the house yesterday and the place looks awesome. I just hope he didn't hurt his hands & elbows too much. Somehow he even managed to move large pieces of furniture!

Well, we slept nice and late and now it's time for Sweet Pea and I to have some breakfast. Sorry about all the ups and downs with this, I'm really not just trying to get attention - ha ha! Our midwives think that this gearing up work my uterus is doing is really good, and that I should just go about my days as I'm doing today, ignoring it. One of the midwives said, "I always think that any contraction that can be ignored should be ignored."

Last night's contractions were much stronger than the previous night's, which is why once again I truly thought labor was starting - but oh well... it was nice to be able to go to bed early and get some sleep and not be in labor all night. But the baby's really got to come out soon. Really. I insist.

*** By the way... *** Yes, I did notice my husband's not-so-subtle infiltration of my blog. Yeesh. Geeks. Can't keep your computer safe from 'em, but they sure are handy when your computer hangs or crashes. Hee. My favorite part, besides that right on my blog he wrote, "shh, don't tell her..." was that I received an e-mail telling me that I had invited him to join my blog. ha ha ha! Dork.


Christina said...

Well, the good news is this baby won't have to live with the birthday of 6-6-06. :)

I hope things start progressing for you soon. I know you're anxious to get this baby out.

Violet the Verbose said...

LOL - my mother-in-law told us this morning that if the baby was born today, we'd have to name ner Rosemary. Or Damien if we ended up with a surprise boy (no chance of that, though, I think). Eep.

Stahl family said...

LOL! Not just a hair superstitious are you?

Keep us posted! We miss you and want you to hurry back to playdates!

The Pizzitola Family said...

Ok...You can get out of MNO...just this once. I will come see you guys the next time I'm in town though-so there's your warning! I'll be away from the computer for a few days so hopefully by the next time I check (Monday), That little baby will have come out. Oh yeah...I think her name should be stubborn!

Anonymous said...

I don't think she's stuborn . . . she's just waking up, testing everything out, and then going back to sleep! I think she likes to sleep in like her Mommy and Daddy! : )

- Belle's Mommy