Friday, February 15, 2008

End of the Week Update

I am thrilled to announce that Slipshod and Sweet Pea are over the worst part of the flu. They still have a nasty cough and Sweet Pea's nose won't stop running, but the fevers are gone and for that we are extremely grateful. Slipshod's "short day" at work yesterday was nearly a full day. Today will be shorter than usual as well, but not by much, probably. (*Edited mere minutes later - Slipshod is home! Working upstairs, but he's here. Yay!)

The Bug seems to be through the fever part of the flu as well, but her nose is even snottier than her sister's, if that's possible, and she is feeling really really miserable. I say this based on the amount of crying, whining, and clinging she's still doing. The past two nights were miserable with her waking up at least every hour for most of the time we were in bed, BUT did I mention that the two nights before that, she only woke up once each night? I have high hopes that when she's feeling better she'll be sleeping better like that (only one waking per night) again, since she FINALLY cut that last eye tooth! I really really hope we'll be able to catch up on some sleep before the 2-year molars start cutting. The Bug IS finally napping today, which is a huge improvement over the past two days. Thank goodness for that. Sweet pea and I have had some time together today, which is fun. We both really enjoy our time for just the two of us. :o)

Last night I was feeling really rotten because I have gotten the cough that goes with this flu. I also felt (and sort of feel today, though not as badly as last night) symptoms of a fever: creepy crawly skin, and achy eyes - but the thermometer says that I do not have a fever. Doesn't matter, point is that I feel kinda crappy. However, I do have hope that I have "flu lite," and won't be surprised if I'm almost better tomorrow, given how lightly (or not at all) I've gotten the other ailments that have passed through our house this winter. Here's hoping! Either way, tomorrow's the weekend and Sweet Pea doesn't have school on Monday, so I think we should all be completely better and raring to go on Tuesday.

Oh, and did I mention that I spent TEN HOURS in bed last night? That is unheard of for me. That's nearly twice the amount of time I'm in bed on a normal night (bad, I know). Of course I was awake with The Bug for most of it, but just being able to lie there and rest, even if I was awake, did me a bundle of good, I think.

Here's hoping for a weekend of happy family recovery. Oh - I need to tell our friends who are having the birthday party tomorrow that we won't be in attendance. TTFN and a fabulous weekend to all of you!

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