Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still Feeling Crappy

The fever is gone, but I still have the cough BADLY, and last night I got yet another treat that the rest of the family was lucky enough to miss out on - diarrhea! JOY! Had to keep getting up all night long. The Bug kept waking up too, so it was a pretty shitty night (totally unnecessary pun intended).

I went to see the doctor a little bit ago because I feel so awful and have gone to bed for a couple nights recently feeling very scared, wondering if I'd have another episode like that one a few years ago when I passed out from acute dehydration. This time, however, I've got Gatorade in hand whenever I need it, so my electrolytes shouldn't plummet like they did that time.

The doctor said that everything I'm experiencing is part of the joy of this godforsaken flu and I just have to wait for it to go away.

I'm taking The Bug to see the pediatrician at 3:45 this afternoon because she has been so difficult to live with for a couple days and nights. I have a feeling they're going to tell me the same for her - she just doesn't feel good because she isn't over it, suck it up and deal. But I want to be sure there's nothing wrong that we need to act on. She says that nothing hurts - her ears, etc. seem to feel fine (based on asking & having her answer). She probably just doesn't feel good in general, like me.

Interestingly, beginning two days before The Bug started coughing, and continuing through most nights of this flu, she has been sleeping better. Not every night, mind you; like I said, last night sucked. But most nights, even if she is waking up enough to crawl up and put her head onto my pillow, The Bug is nursing fewer times and actually waking fewer times as well. I hope this is due to the fact that that last eye tooth did finally cut, and she is perhaps experiencing less teething pain now than she has for a long time. I don't think we'll know if that's why she's sleeping better until we're all better and back to normal, but I have hope. And, really, obviously, the reason that she's waking less doesn't matter - what's important is the fact that she is doing that! Hallelujiah!

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