Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Whiner alert:

I feel like hell. Despite what the thermometer says, I feel like my fever is returning. My eyes are starting to hurt again. They hurt a lot last night when I went to bed but felt better this morning when I awoke. But I've been going back downhill all day today. Everyone else backslid too, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

The Bug woke up kicking and whining this morning, and has pretty much been like that all day. She denies any ear or other pain in her body, which is good, but I wish I knew what had her so cranky! I believe her fever is truly gone, but it's so hard to tell with her because I can't get a read. At least she's napping. Maybe she'll wake up happier this time.

Sweet Pea is still home today. I asked her if she misses school and she said, "yeah," so maybe we'll send her back tomorrow. I just hope her immune system is running well enough again to make it through a couple days of school without catching anything new before the weekend. And I hope I'm up to actually taking her to school tomorrow. 'Cause today, not so much.

Slipshod went in to work for a bit and will probably be home around dinnertime. I'm really thankful that he can work from home pretty easily. It has been good having him within reach the past few days. Mostly when he works from home he's closed upstairs in his office and to us it feels like he's not actually here, but today because I started feeling so crappy again and was actually feeling dizzy I went up and asked him to make us lunch while I laid on the couch. Whew. Not sure how dinner's going to go tonight - the girls may be hungry before he's home - but hopefully we'll figure something out relatively easily.

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