Sunday, February 17, 2008

Somebody Please Make it Stop

Oh geez, my throat hurts (from all the coughing). My fever hasn't gone even as high as 100 as far as I know, but even the low fever sucks. AND, I get to do this with two very needy attachments. Our big plan for tomorrow is to take a shower. The girls and I haven't had one since... um... I can't remember. I think Friday. Slipshod didn't get one today because he was too busy taking care of us and going grocery shopping. His head has been hurting and earlier tonight it seemed like he had a low temperature again. I really hope this horrible flu will go away soon. It is BAAAAAAAAD.

Sitting around feeling awful for so long can make a person want to make a phone call to share the misery, y'know, but I've been resisting all urges to call anyone in my own family. I e-mailed them at one point last week just to let them know what was going on because when we're dealing with illness over here and they don't hear from us for a while, I start getting phone calls and e-mails saying, "where are you?" Well, my letting them know before they started missing us was met with everyone but my brother saying things (AGAIN) like, "you're probably just passing the same virus around again and again, " "maybe you aren't eating well enough," and "what is it in your environment that is causing all of this again and again?" It really is enough to make me scream. WHY does it have to be something we're doing wrong? WTF? I know they care and they're concerned, but the way the express that always leaves me looking like I made it all happen due to my bad housekeeping or cooking skills. I think I'm going to have to educate them on the life cycle of a virus (which of course I'll have to look up first, but I seem to know more about it than they do already). Or maybe I should just tell them to shut up. In the mean time, I'm talking with my family as little as possible to minimize the insanity.

Let's see... Slipshod mentioned in his previous post that Sweet Pea's fever returned. That was Friday evening, and it really came back with a vengeance. Yesterday and today she did not have a fever, but she was completely WIPED and just laid around barely talking and attempting to refuse all food and drink. Today I napped with The Bug (who was also asleep) laying on my chest for 2 hours and 45 minutes. About an hour and a half into that nap Sweet Pea came upstairs and asked me to come back downstairs with her. Apparently (I found out later), Slipshod had fallen asleep down stairs and she had nobody to play with or talk to. I explained to her repeatedly that I could not go downstairs with her just then but as soon as I could I would. She sat next to me on the bed holding my hand, and eventually laid down and fell asleep next to me. The Bug woke up an hour and 15 minutes later but Sweet Pea was still completely zonked, and she stayed that way for a total of nearly 3 hours! After that nap Sweet Pea was much more chipper, which was good to see. We were also able to get a bunch more liquid into her, and some food as well, so she was in pretty good shape by bedtime tonight - at least compared to the way she looked & was acting yesterday.

The Bug was alternately whiny and playful today, and her face ran like an ice sculpture on the beach. She is not feeling well. She is sleeping now, though. It is really nice to be disengaged from her for a while. Much as I love her and want to make her feel better even if all I can do is snuggle her, it is really nice not to have her ON me for a while! She had a fever before bed so I gave her some Motrin. I hope she will be a lot better in the morning.

It worries me a lot that Slipshod may still have a fever. This flu is evil and nasty and it scared me last week when Slipshod was the only one who had it. Now that we all have it, I'm really a little freaked out. We'll see how the kids are doing tomorrow. I don't know if their pediatrician's office is open tomorrow, but if it is and they're not doing well, we're going to try to take them in. I just want to make sure they're as okay as they can be right now.

Well I snuck out of the bedroom so I could eat some more and watch some TV with Slipshod, but I haven't eaten anything yet, and Slipshod must have fallen asleep with Sweet Pea (he was snuggling her good night), because he hasn't come downstairs and I think I've been out of there for an hour. So good night.


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . sounds like your family uses the same logic (or lack of it) mine does. I end up sending an e-mail and not answering the phone when I'm in a spot like that. Your housekeeping and cooking cause it, eh? Guess you shouldn't have served flu soup to everyone and used those flu wipes to clean the counters! lol Sorry, just trying to be funny. Hate to throw actual logic into the mix, but Slipshod got back from a trip and came down with it, yes? Think maybe he brought something back from another part of the country you guys hadn't been exposed to yet/built up immunities to yet, so you've all caught it from him? Nope, couldn't be - too logical. Must've been the flu soup! Hang in there, and if you need a phone buddy, I can't guarantee what state my little ones will be tomorrow, but feel free to try to call if you get the chance and want to. It's been about 14 years since we've talked anyway. Big hugs from all of us!
Friends from Burbank

Christina said...

You have had such bad luck this winter with illnesses.

You can always call me if you want. I'm long distance, but I understand the need to vent about how unfair things can be sometimes. :)