Monday, November 27, 2006


Seems like everyone had the same idea this year - blog in photos for Thanksgiving. It's a good quick way to recap, isn't it? This year I did more cooking than I usually do at Thanksgiving because it's almost never at our house. Wait - make that never. Anyway, this year I made my first successful yeast bread - pumpkin rolls. It's a family recipe that has been improved upon. I did make them a month or so ago, but that time I killed the yeast, or it just didn't work, so they were quite different in texture. This time, though, it all worked out the way it was supposed to. I made two batches and took rolls everywhere we went. I also made my first pumpkin pies. Been cooking since I could see the countertop, but had never made pies before. I just used the Libby's pumpkin and Marie Calender's crusts, but hey, I made pies! hee hee Thursday we went to Slipshod's mom's place for dinner with his family. She's got lots of fun toys for Sweet Pea to play with and the food, as always, was great, so we all had a great time. And no, she is not trying to eat the toy. This is how Sweet Pea "smiles" when you ask her to.
Friday we drove to my parents' house and spent the night. Mom brought out some boxes of clothes from my sister's kids and toys from my family growing up, and she and Sweet Pea and I had a good time going through those things. One of the pieces of clothing that fits Sweet Pea right now is the overalls pictured here. For some reason she thinks overalls are super cool, so when Mom and I determined that these would probably fit her she yelled, "okay! I want to wear them right now!" and couldn't get her dress off and herself into them fast enough. And then she wore them the rest of that day, that night to sleep in, and the next day. ha ha! Today she wore a different outfit but wanted the overalls to sleep in. Slipshod got her ready for bed tonight and I got her and The Bug to sleep and was amused, but not terribly surprised, when she said she wanted to take off her overalls because her legs were too hot (the overalls are reversible, so they're two layers of flannel), and I then discovered that she had her jammie pants as well as her jammie shirt on underneath. No wonder she was so hot! Yeesh. Dads.
While at my parents' place Sweet Pea as usual enjoyed looking at and to some extent terrorizing (without meaning to, of course) their parakeets.
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Lori said...

I love how overalls look too but I hate how much you have to take off to use the potty.. theres laziness for ya :-) Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I love her hair!