Thursday, November 16, 2006

Me-ow From the Robot Kitty

Just in case you worried that Fred Savage had left the world of child entertainment after growing up, rest assured he did not. His is the voice of Oswald, the earnest and ever-singing blue octopus on Noggin. We don't make a regular thing of watching Oswald, but from time to time the show crosses our optical paths. Last week we saw the episode wherein Oswald and his dog Weenie offer to watch a robot's robot cat, which is named Tinsel, while the robot gets a haircut (hey, it's a kids' show - robots can get haircuts on kids' shows if they want to; it's like a dream; it doesn't have to make sense).

We had seen that episode a long time ago, but this time Sweet Pea decided that we needed to make a robot kitty mask for her to wear. As you might imagine we have quite the collection of cardboard around after all the moving we've done, so I set to work with that, some scissors and lots of masking tape, and above you see the result before making it robotic.
Sweet Pea was so intent upon looking at her reflection in a tiny compact that she would not look at the camera, but here is the end result. We covered the whole thing with aluminum foil and then set to work with construction paper to finish the face. After taping on the nose and mouth, she insisted that the kitty must have spots, so I cut lots of spots for her and she taped them willy-nilly all over the front only of the face. I've been informed that we still need to cut "yots and yots and YOTS more spots" so that she can also decorate the sides, back and ears.

Slipshod is trying to get her to say "me-ow" when she's wearing her mask so that she'll sound like a robot, but even when she thinks she's mimicking him, she still says a fluid, "meow!"

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Lori said...

Great robot kitty face.. I see she still likes being almost naked :-)

Dana said...

How are you? I finally found your blog! I think the last time I commented was before BlogHer and I feel shameful for this! I was just wandering around the blogosphere wondering how things were!

I couldn't find you, so I actually had to Google "Violet the Verbose"!

Anyway! Glad to see the kids are growing and beautiful as ever!


Stahl family said...

aww....can't wait to visit the kitty again too!